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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade With Zainab While Escorting Her to The Farm (PART III)

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I spread her wrapper on the rock and then I laid her gently on the wrapper.  I raised her blouse up and then I was welcomed with her ripe b00bs. Her nipples were pointing at me as if they want to poke into my eyes, I plastered my tongue on one of them and then I started sucking it while I was caressing the other one, her breath becomes faster and she gave a faint moan every now and then as I kept licking and teasing her nipples. I noticed her body was salty, so I took off the blouse and then she became fully naked. I held her hand and then she got up, I led her into the stream where, I was caressing her body while pouring water on her body, she too started pouring water on my chest and she was rubbing my chest. We started bathing each other. I started caressing and sucking her b00bs while we were both standing in the stream.

I rim my hand down her belly button, after teasing there for sometime, I went down and then I started teasing her hard clit. She gave a soft moan when my hand touched her clit. I started rubbing her clit, I can feel her secretion as my finger becomes wet. I went a little downward down to her pu**sy hole and damn she was very tight, my hand could not go in there. I can feel the discomfort on her face. I asked her if she has sucked a d!ck before and she said ah ah, meaning no. I told her if she would like to try it and she said No.

I teased her clit a bit and then I went to her back, I told her to bend down a little and place her two hand on one of the Big rock around where we were bathing, she obeyed, from behind I started using my big d!ck to tease her pu**sy. Gently and gradually I started pushing in, at every thrust she will moan with arssshh. I spent roughly 20 mins pushing in little by little before my whole d!ck could fit into her juicy cunt.
I gradually held her two b00bs with my two hands and from behind I started banging her slowly, after about ten slow thrust, her pu**sy can now accommodate my d!ck with ease and then I increased the tempo. I started banging her from behind harder and she started moaning wayo, wayo, wayo Allah Na, wayo.

I was enjoying the rhythm, the sound turns me supper on and with every thrust I push in deep and deeper, they said hausa girls have very deep pu**sy, now am confirming it.

I latter told her to rest her back on the rock while she was facing me, I licked from her neck down to the centre of her b00bs, I plastered my tongue on one of her b00bs while I was teasing the other one, he breath increased again, I licked down to her belly button, down to her honey pot, I started teasing her hard clit with my tongue , she started moaning shhhhhhhhh, ashhhhh, arrrrrghh, I latter rolled my tongue downward and then I started sucking her tight pu**sy. I kept licking and sucking her wet pu**sy, she latter held the back of my head and pushed my face deep down to eat her deep and more. I continued using my tongue to explore all the areas of her pu**sy, I pushed my tongue deep and deeper into her pu**sy. After milking her dry I told her to suck me too. This time she agreed, she came to my front, grabbed my rocket hard cock with her two hands, she stared at it as if it’s a snake. She gradually started licking the shaft, after about few mins of licking the shaft, she wanted the do a proper sucking and she started coughing, laughing at her, I told her its enough.
I held her hands and then I told her to rest her back on the rock again, I told her to open legs wide which she did, while standing infront of her, I bent a little and then I led my d!ck into her honey pot again and I then I started banging her hot cunt harder again. This time it was “fast and furious” lol. I kept thrusting hard and harder as she keeps giving me the wayo wayo wayo rhythm. 

I held her b00bs, while I continued banging her, within few mins, I felt the urge, damn am cumming, I quickly pulled out,  and my hot fluid gushed out of my long pipe onto her belly.

Damn, you are sweet I told her, for the first time I kissed her passionately. After that we cleaned ourselves, waited a bit to dry up, after which we wore our clothes.  I helped her carry the firewood all the way to the path that leads to the village.

I latter asked her to be my girl which she outrightly refused because she said her people will not allow her to marry a Yoruba guy.

The END.............


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