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I Will Never Accept Sex From Nollywood Actresses Because I Dislike Cheap Things - Nollywood Director Emmanuel Anyaka Explodes

Seasoned Nollywood Director, Emmanuel Anyaka who has been in the art of Movie Making over the years, sat down with Jb Da Silva Usman for an exclusive interview about his Journey into Nollywood, Marital life, Challenges he face as a Movie Director among others. The Thespian touched all aspects of his career without mincing a word. Below is an excerpt.

How long have you been in the Movie Industry?
Nine Years to be precise.

How has the Journey been so far?
Not exactly smooth, there has been a lot of turbulence and challenges here and there, but above all, we thank God for Everything.

There is this hardcore believe that Directors not only demand sex nowadays they also demand money from young actors to feature them in their movies. What is your take on this?
You are right, it is True, i've heard about this before, but i've not come across any of these Deperados. That's what I call them. The Truth is, you can't build a house in a Day or Two, no one arrives his/her destination accidentally, everything has a phase; the life we go through is a journey, so everyone who is aspiring to make it in Nollywood has to start his/her journey from the scratch, no need to rush or be desperate, get trained, learn, practice, endure, and excel, that's the way I see life. 

What If an actress willingly offers you sex for a movie role, will you accept the offer?
NO! I dislike cheap things and because I have the fear of God, I can't cheat on my Wife for any Reason.
Are you married?
By the grace of God, Yes I am.

Is your wife into Movie making too?
No. She's into Real Estate.

What Kind of a Woman is your wife?
 She is the best Woman I’ve ever met. She's kind and Loving. I cherish her a lot.

How does she react to the nature of your Job?
Well, she feels it's a Job, and it has its own challenges, so she's fine with it, provided it does not put me too far away from her.

You celebrated your Birthday recently, how was the Feeling Like?
Awesome! I give God all the Glory. God has been faithful to me and my family

What are the Challenges Movie Directors faces in Nollywood?
The challenges varies, but there are two major challenges that am sure every movie Directors face in Nollywood. they are;  One;  Short production time schedule to deliver a good movie, What I mean is, not being given enough time to be fully satisfied with the way one wants to interprets a good story, because every Movie Producers/ Executive Producers in Nollywood are trying to cut down on production cost and meet up with the production plan. So Directors have to bend a bit so that the shoot will not Delay. Number two is; Watery scripts and Poor screenplay by amateurs; This usually drains Directors on set, especially when there is no Provision for script conference and Script Analysis Prior to the Production Proper; Though this usually occur when you find yourself in the Hands of Cut and Join Film-Makers. So Directors has to do all he or she can to tighten the Story on set, which i've done often on set.

What makes a Good Movie script to you? I mean what and what do you look out for in a movie script before accepting to direct it or do you take up any movie script?
 I love scripts with good messages, suspense filled and very entertaining, because am very selective when it comes to the kind of Script I Direct, watery script and poorly screen played script never inspires anyone, even the viewers at home that are watching can testify to that.

What is the most challenging Movie you have ever worked on?
 "100% Damage" is the most challenging Movie I’ve ever worked on, it’s an action Thriller that is coming out Soon
Recently there are lots of nudity in most Nollywood movies, why is that so?
I call it lack of Direction. It's fine if we aspire to be like Hollywood, but I think it took them time to get to where they are today. So, Nollywood should keep on telling the good, unique and wonderful African stories that we've been known for, and as time progresses we will meet up with Hollywood standard, not necessarily in the aspect of peculiar stories, but in all that it takes to do a Quality Movie. 

Any recent project you are working on?
 "City Wives" and "Second HoneyMoon" is my recent project.  I wrote and directed the two movies. They are Great Movies with interesting storylines that I will love everyone out there to watch. 

What are the attributes that makes up a good Movie Director?
Spontaneity, Good interpreter of stories, Artistic Prowess and Creativity.

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