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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade With Amaka Our New Secretary While My Boss was Away (PART 1)

My name is Chinedu, people call me Nedu for short, I work on the Island. The kind of job that I do always put me on the move, you will always find me on the field, most of my meetings are on the field of my work. You will hardly see me in the office. 

I always complain to my boss to hire a new staff because anytime we are going to the field, we have to lock the office. My boss will always say “ Nedu! No money, should I reduce your salary and employ another staff”? I will quickly reply “You can leave it sir”
I actually meant well for the business, we make at least 3-7M a month so I wonder why my boss does not want to hire a new staff,  that is his problem sha.  So far I have given him my candid opinion and he always refuse what else should I do?

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One of our client brought an urgent contract that needs to be done urgently to our office one day and found our office locked, he called me and I told him I was out of Lag. He called my boss too, he was in Port, that was how we lost that contract, my boss was forced to get a new sec. 

A week later he told me he has hired a new sec on phone that maybe when I visit the office I will see her. I was like “At last” actually I have no ulterior motive, I just meant well for the business. After three weeks that the secretary has been working with us, I finally decide to pay the office a visit at least to see the new staff.

When I got to the office, she opened the door and I was welcomed with a very sexy but slim girl, she was fair, as in very fair, I don’t know if it is excess toning or what but the babe yellow pieces. She was like “Good morning sir, are you here to see someone” And with a smile I replied “Am Nedu” immediately she was like sorry sir, am sorry sir, I didn’t know you are the one, please come inside, Oga has told me a lot about you and I have been wanting to meet you, at least to know the people that I work with. My name is Amaka. I replied with, no problem as I went to my office.

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Few mins latter she entered my office while I was busy punching my laptop, I was preparing my trip report, I didn’t know someone was in my office, you know am used to staying at the office alone.  She knocked on the table to draw my attention and replied with “ Am sorry I dint know you were around, am used to being at the office alone, so can I help you?

She dropped a file beside my laptop, she want me to explain something to her, I told her to sit down and she sat facing me, while I was examining the file, my pen fell under my table, I quickly bent down to pick it and that was when I saw the unseeable lol.  Amaka sat with her legs wide open and she wore a see through pant. I was seeing her pu**y clearly, where did this pen go to I kept murmuring to myself, I have actually seen the pen, I just want to take a full view of her pu**y the more.  As if she know I was watching, she opened her legs wider to give me more direct access mehn, my dick came at attention immediately. 
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I got up from under the table with a huge bulge and not wanting to face her, I concentrated on the file immediately, she asked me a very silly but surprising question, she said “Sir, did you like what you saw? Pretending not to know what she meant, I replied with “Saw what? Sarcastically and she added “What you saw under the table”? Since am a bad boy on my own I replied with yes, I wouldn’t mind if I can have a feel of what I saw down there. She smiled at me, she got up from her sit and she started unbuttoning her long sleeve. Just like a dream, she unhooked her bra too and I was welcomed with a huge b00bs. Her b00bs were very huge, As in very big. I kept murmuring to myself, do bra help reduce breast size? Because I never knew her b00bs were this huge.  With a seductive voice, she asked me “Sir can we get to work”? and I swallowed my saliva forcefully.

To Be Continued………………………
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