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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade With Amaka Our New Secretary While My Boss was Away (PART II)

I got up from my sit, moved closer to her and I plasterd my tongue on her pointed nip*les as she gives a soft moan, I started sucking her ni*ple like a little baby, I was sucking one and I fondling the second one, her b00bs becomes hard, I pulled her shirt and bra off from her body as I continued sucking her b00bs. I held her two b00bs with my hands and I started licking the middle, she reached down to my trouser and she started rubbing my already super hard d!ck. 

After about 20mins of intensive sucki ng, she went on her knees as she unzipped my trouser. My d!ck popped out, by this time, pre-c*m was all over my d!ck. She started massaging my d!ck softly with my pre-c*m. Latter she started licking my d!ck cap, slowly and slowly and then she swallowed my d!ck, mehn this is the best feeling ever. She was deep throating me. She was sucking me hard and harder.

She latter started licking my balls, I was feeling a sweet sensation running all over my body, while she was milking my soul, my legs become shaky, am arrm arrrmmm ammmmm am cumming, she kept sucking hard as I offload my c*m in her mouth.

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Just like some hot clip I use to watch and download on Naija Erotica where the p*rn stars will swallow their guys c*m, she swallowed my seed without any trace. She got up, she raised her skirt up and she pulled down her panty, I quickly cleared my table, then she lay on my table with her legs wide open, she was super wet. Her secretion is leaking out of her pussy.. 

I started teasing her hard clit with my finger as she gives a soft moan. I  was rubbing her clit with my finger, I went downward a bit and I dipped a finger into her wet pu**y as she wriggle her waist. I started fingering her hard as if I want to tear her pu**y. I kept fingering her till she cum on my hand. I pulled off my trouser, raised her two legs on my shoulder and I slide my already hard d!ck in her milky pu**y, I started pounding her softly and slowly, I was fuck**g her slowly and also fondling her b00bs, “Fu*ck me Harder” she said seductively and I began pounding her pu**y harder. I was hitting it harder and stretching all her pu**y walls. 

I made a mighty thrust and she moan, oga no tear my t0t0 o.. reduce the speed please. We both giggle at each other as I reduced the speed, I was riding her pu**y like a driver without license.  I pulled out of her pu**y and damn her pu**y became agape. Her pu**y became wide. I started using my d!ck to tease her clit, I was using my d!ck to tap her hard clit. I entered her again and I started pounding her again.

I later told her to come down from my table, I told her to face the wall.. she did as I told her, she raised her a*s up, I held my d!ck and  from behind I pushed my d!ck into her pu**y again, this time I started fuck**g her doggy style, I felt my balls tapping her clit during every thrust.. At a time I stopped and she continued fuck**g my dick, she was moving her a*s back and forth while my d!ck was in her pu**y.

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I held her waist to meet her every move, I kept pounding her the doggy style, and I felt my d!ck contracting in her pu**y again, I told her I was going to cum again she said cum in me baby, within seconds, my cum run through my d!ck deep down her womb as I moan arrrrghhh, uuuuuuugh, hmmmmmm, arrrrrrgh uuush.  After offloading my cum in her pu**y, I pulled out of her pu**y from behind, immediately I pulled out, most of my cum fell out from her pu**y, remember I told you my rough fuck**g made her pu**y agape.

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You are very sweet Amaka I told her, she just gave me that seductive look with a smile

The END 
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