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Jilted Man Mails Live Snake to ex girlfriend

A man is accused of stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend. He allegedly sent her a live ball python snake with a note that read: "Surprise you lying b*cth ..Enjoy, this is who you are. Now do you care."

Eric Burrows, 37, is facing one count of stalking/domestic abuse, for his alleged actions from July 30th through August 18th.

In the case against Burrows, the alleged stalking began in early August.According to a criminal complaint, on August 8th, police spoke with a woman who indicated Burrows had been leaving her threatening voicemail messages, and he had sent a threatening letter to her employer. Police were able to take a look at the letter, which read, in part:

"If you don't do something about that (expletive), I will come to your store and take care of her myself, in my own way, in front of your employees and customers -- and that is a promise. I would think you people would be able to control your employees, but I guess you don't have any morals."
The victim told police she and Burrows had dated, and they lived together for a time. In June, the woman told Burrows she was interested in getting her own apartment. In late June, the woman moved out of Burrows' home, and shortly thereafter, she started receiving messages from him -- some friendly and some threatening. The woman said things got worse in late July, when she got a new boyfriend.

The woman told police that when she moved into her new apartment complex, she learned a letter had been received by the manager of the apartment complex.The woman learned that a man called the apartment complex indicating he had a delivery for the victim and needed her address.

On August 13th, police learned the victim's ex-husband had received a threatening letter. In that letter, the author wrote that he found the ex-husband's name on Facebook. The letter read, in part: "I already warned her once. Now (she) will pay and find out what kind of crazy she has (expletive) with. I have nothing to lose."

On August 18th, police learned a suspicious package had been delivered at the victim's apartment complex for her. It was left at the apartment complex's office, and two telephone calls were received regarding the package. According to the complaint, the caller ID indicated one call came from Burrows' place of employment, a business Burrows co-owns. The second caller was a woman who claimed to be the victim's sister. She indicated the package contained cheese and sausage, and she wanted to make sure it would be delivered. The victim was able to recognize the telephone number as belonging to Burrows.

The package was X-rayed, and found to contain a live ball python snake and a note.
"They actually will curl up into a ball instead of striking at someone so they're really, very, very docile which makes them popular in the pet trade," said Pekrul-Gulig.

"Its definitely the first time I can remember a snake being involved in a criminal case -- that's for sure," Haberman said.

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