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Speak up or Die in Silence

Marriage is an agreement between two people where they both promise to Love and take care of each other. When your partner starts exhibiting some ugly attitude speak up, don't keep silence, don't pretend as if nothing happened, don't say its normal. End that ugly attitude immediately to avoid a re-occurrence because dry crayfish wey don bend dey hard to straight.

Did your wife denied you sex or refused to make you a meal because you had a little misunderstanding with her? Speak up and end that attitude that same day. If you let her be, that attitude will become an habit of her.

Did your husband all of a sudden came home drunk? When he is stable, speak up! Demand an explanation why he came home drunk, settle it amicably to avoid a re-occurrence.

Did your husband slapped or beat you up over an argument? Speak up, don't let it slip. He has to give you reasons for his actions and also apologize. You are his wife and not his punching bag.

Every now and then you will just hear a shocking news that a married man or woman died in their sleep. People will say "Na winsh hand work" others go say na Cardiac arrest? Can any normal person that is healthy and is not over thinking die of cardiac arrest?

The funniest aspect is that some women don't want to share their marital problems with anybody. Your husband always beat you at the slightest provocation. Despite all you do to please him to make him stop, he did not, infact it keeps getting worst daily. You did not drag him for counseling, you did not tell your parents about it, you did not tell his own parents too, you did not tell your Pastors nor Alfa's to help counsel him. You just dey there dey chop beating like "Nama" You know what? Continue chopping the beating, shebi when he kills you one day, you will be buried and forgotten while he will continue his own life. Life goes on but you lost yours so soon.

I know It is not every of your marital problems that you will share with people for counseling. There are some petty petty issues you as the wife needs to trash yourself. But when the problem is a major one that is beyond you, you should call for external help.

Some women will say "I don't want anybody to say am a failed woman, I don't want people to say i can't take care of my home, I don't want people to know that my Husband that everybody loves and reverend is a monster at home"

Bia, Nne how are you a failed woman? If you tell people your marital problem does that make you a failed woman? It is only God that takes cares of a home. That is why as a married woman you have to be a prayer warrior. Pray over necessary and unnecessary things, pray endlessly because marriage is not a bed of rossess, marriage sometimes turns to a battle field and the only way to win is to seek external help and that external help is God.

Nobody is saying you should carry a megaphone and start exposing your wife or husband dirty lining in public. Seek help when that marital problem is over shadowing you, seek help when the problem is beyond you.

Cry out so that people can see the pains behind your smiles. Cry out to get a solution to what is killing you silently because you are digging your own grave by keeping silent and pretending as if all is well when all is actually not well.

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