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Why No Sex, Are You a Virgin?

It is not a must a girl must be a virgin before she can say "No Sex" when you ask her for a relationship. Whether she is still tight or open that's her headache and not yours.

Some guys feels girls that are not virgins have no right to say no sex in a relationship. Why? Na you get her honey pot for her? if she likes she can grant you access, if she does not want; that is it. If you can't deal with it, then you let her be. No be fight.

When it comes to sex in general, girls are unpredictable. A girl can be dating you, you will be spending on her but yet she will be refusing you sex, whereas the same girl is having sex with her male friend or a guy she just met.

She is a cheat right? Well if you ask me she is not, her heart does not accept you. If a girl accept you whole heartedly she will not refuse you sex. Even if she was a virgin before she met you, she wouldn't mind giving you her virginity.

All these girls that are not virgins that you feel they have no right to refuse sex in a relationship, were once virgins and na guys like una dis-virgined them, so what are we saying?

It is only we the guys that our John Thomas gets hard anyhow and can enter the place anytime; but when it comes to girls, sex comes from their mind. If you like lick from their hair down to their feet, if the sex is not from her mind she will still be dry down there.

Ironically most girls that will tell you no sex from the beginning of a relationship are the ones that always end up giving you sex often few months into the relationship.

If this is so, why do they tell you no sex from the beginning? It is because you are new to them. They want to know if the sex is what you came for or you truly want them. They want to know the true you; and lastly they need time to accept you fully into their heart before they can trust you with their body.

So to all those guys that will tell their new girl "you be virgin? Why I go dey date you, you no go give me sex? Well I believe this my write up have answered you.

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