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How to Provide Help, Make Withdrawal and Upload Proof of Payment on MMM Nigeria (VIDEOS)

 As we all know, MMM Nigeria is the only genuine source of online investment where you get 30% of your total deposit every month among other benefits. I already wrote a detailed tutorial about it HERE. With MMM Nigeria, all you need do is just sit, relax and watch your money grow. To get started, you need to register by clicking HERE  After registration, you can follow up on this video tutorial or from my former post by clicking HERE

MMM Nigeria is merely a group of trusted Nigerians helping one another. The term "PH" which means "Provide Help" in full means you have to provide help before you can get hep. After registration HERE, you have to provide to get help to start earning immediately. The Video below is a quick guide on how to Provide Help.
Now that you have provided help, what next? you need to wait for MMM to match you up with someone who has requested for help. It can take upto 24 hours or weeks depending on the system. MMM will send you a notification via email and in your MMM account detailing the account details of the person you are to pay to. All you need do is to contact the person, credit the money into his account and alert him. After that you need to upload proof of payment that you have paid the person the money.  All you need do is just to login to your MMM account and follow the steps in the video below. The person you paid the money to and MMM will conclude the transaction.

Another term is "GH" which means "Get Help" in full. Get help in a lay man's language actually means "Withdrawal" after providing help, when your Mavros is ripe, you can then "Request For Help" This means telling MMM that you want to make a withdrawal from your MMM account. You can request for help any time you like. Once you request for Help, you will be matched with someone immediately.

Just like how you went to bank to pay into someone else account when you provided help, MMM will alert someone else too to go and pay into your bank account. That person will go and pay the specific amount you requested into your bank account. Mind you, the amount you requested is what will be credited to your bank account. if you have 100k in your account that is matured for withdrawal, if you requested for 50k, 50k will be credited to your account and the remaining 50k will remain in your MMM account. You can also request for the entire 100k and it will be credited to you immediately.  The Video below is a quick tutorial on how to "Get Help" from MMM Nigeria.
Now the video tutorial is complete, all you need do to start earning from MMM like millions of Nigerians out there is for you to take the first bold step by registering HERE, after registration, you can follow up on these videos or follow up from my previous post on MMM HERE.

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