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Woman Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night To Find Stranger Licking Her Private Parts

A woman was left terrified after waking in the middle of the night to find a stranger licking her privates while her partner slept next to her.

Vile Joseph Taouk has been caged for two years after he broke into the home of the couple and began sexually assaulting the sleeping woman.

The 35-year-old beast crept into the couple’s bedroom in Sydney, Australia, and spotted his victim sleeping with one leg out of the duvet.

His victim then woke at around 3.30am to find someone licking her private parts and at first thought it was her boyfriend but then realised he was asleep next to her last February.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she then dug her nails into her boyfriend’s arm and whispered: “Someone is here.” The paper claims her partner then jumped out of bed and shouted at vile Taouk “What the f***. Who are you?

The fined then apologised, saying: “I thought this was the boarding house. The front door was open.”

He was then thrown out of the home by the boyfriend, who returned to find his partner lying on the bed sobbing. She initially said she did not want to go to police, but after speaking to her stepfather the next day agreed to go to police where she told them what had happened.

Officers managed to get DNA off her pyjamas that linked Taouk to the crime and CCTV caught him in the couple’s street at the time of the vile crime.

He was grabbed by police ‘nervous and sweating’ on the streets and immediately arrested. The beast appeared in court this week where he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a woman and the aggravated break and enter into her home.

In a letter read out in court, Taouk apologised for his actions and claimed he was mentally ill and ‘just following voices‘.

He wrote: “I am sincerely sorry towards making the victim feel so disgusted and violated and wish none of this had ever happened.

“I am so sorry with all my heart and hope the victim is getting better with her life, no woman deserves that in her life.” 

He was jailed for two years.
Culled from Daily Mirror.

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