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Sex doll firm makes grieving man exact replica of his dead wife (Photos)

 A lonely pensioner who bought a sex doll after his wife's death has been given a new model - one that looks like a young version of his late spouse.

Zhang Wenliang, 70, spent nearly £2,000 on the original doll in August this year as a method of overcoming the grief of losing his wife to cancer.

But he suffered another form of bereavement when the doll starting coming apart from overuse.The retired doctor from Chongzhou City, in south-western China’s Sichuan Province, saw his story spread across the country earlier this year when pictures of him and his doll went viral.

After getting wind of his troubles, the doll's manufacturer's are said to have contacted Zhang, and offered to make him a new one free of charge - but this time in the image of his dead wife, Daily Mirror reports.

They asked the grieving man for an old photo of his wife, who died last year, and spent the next few weeks creating the custom-made sex doll.
 And Zhang's happy ending came this week when his replacement was delivered.

He said he was "satisfied" by the new doll, explaining that he "especially like[s] the head".

After dressing it up in his wife’s old clothes to care for it like his late spouse, the happy customer added:
 "It’s really not bad - it’s as if I’m looking at the young her."Apart from the skin colour, I’m satisfied with everything about the doll. I especially like the head [and face] because it resembles the young her so much.
"I’m very grateful that [the doll-makers] have shown such compassion to this old man."

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