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Everything You Need To Know About Ultimate Cycler And How You Can Make 50k A Week From it

After going offline to upgrade its site for better performance for almost two weeks, Ultimate Cycler is finally back with new advanced features. Incase you are new to ultimate cycler, It is one of the hottest Online Networking Business in Nigeria at the moment. In Ultimate Cycler, Members Donate Money to Member; meaning that you are not paying money into the site’s system.
The first thing to do to be able to earn from Ultimate Cycler is to visit www.ultimatecycler.com, and click on the "JOIN NOW" Button. It will navigate you to a page where it will ask you to Enter Your Sponsor Name, just type this "bellalahot1" there and click on Submit and it will navigate you to the full registration page where you are to supply your information. If you want to go straight to the registration page,  REGISTER HERE.  

When you register on Ultimate Cycler, you will need to donate the sum of N12,500 to a fellow member and the person will then confirm your donation. Once the person confirm your donation, you are now eligible to earn 50k within a week or less.

PLEASE BEFORE REGISTERING AN ACCOUNT ON ULTIMATE CYCLER, make sure you have the N12,500 with you because immediately after completing your account registration, the system will assign you to go and pay someone immediately. If you fail to do this within 48 hours, the system will delete your account and you will be at the loosing end.
Once you have finished registering your account, login into your ultimate cycler account and you will see the NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS AND BANK DETAILS of the person you are to pay to. All you need do is to call the person, tell him/her that you are about to pay him/her, once you have paid him/her alert them again and they will confirm your payment. 

Your registration will be complete only when you have sent the N12,500 ($25) to the person you are matched with and he/she has confirmed your payment. 

After that, login to your ultimate Cycler account, under the "MY ACCOUNT TAB" you will see "PAYMENT OPTIONS" if you want to use Paypal, Payza, STP, input the ID in the box provided infront of each of them. If you want to earn in bitcoin too, you can put you block chain wallet ID. To earn through bank transfer which is option number two, just input your Bank Name, Benbeneficiary Name, Account Number and Swift Code.  

But since we are in Nigeria, and we do bank to bank deposit, the option number 6 will be okay.. all you need do is just to type YOUR ACCOUNT NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER and BANK NAME inside that big box provided and save and you are good to go

Note: You will be getting PAID to the bank account details you entered in the “ My Payment Option” section. So, make sure the bank details you provide there is correct.
Whenever you receive payment, go to your Ultimate Cycler account, and confirm that the person has paid you and activate the person's account so that the person can refer others with his/her referral link. This is also Very important too.

The system (Admin) will put 4 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N12,500 each, into your bank account, making N50,000. You can also bring people to register under you if you can’t wait for the system to do it for you. This process will make your collection of the N50,000 faster. With this process you can register on Monday and by or before Wednesday your N50,000 will be cooling in your bank account. 

Whether you refer people to register through your link or not, so far you have paid your N12,500 and you have been confirmed, you are eligible to earn N50,000 from spillover. Like I said earlier, referring people to register through your registration link will only speedup your collection of the your N50,000

Note: The system has the way it works, sometime if you register under someone, the system might tell you to go and pay him/her to confirm your account, other time, the system might tell you to go and pay into another member account entirely. So take note. But don’t let anybody to deceive you o. Make sure it is the account details the system put in your ultimate cycler account that you are to pay to. 

After you have your 4 people under you, who have paid you N12,500 each, you can now upgrade to Grade 2, where you Will need to pay N25,000 from your N50,000 to a Grade 2 upline member and now you don’t need to worry on how to get people in this level, the system will bring people under you to pay in each levels.

Below is a breakdown of the amount you will earn on each levels from Ultimate cycler.
$100 (N50,000)

$200 (N100,000)

$400 (N200,000)


$1,600 (N800,000)

$3,200 (N1,600,000)

One thing about all this kinds of money making program is that you need to register under someone that knows the in and out of it. Don’t register under someone that you cannot run to for explanations or clarification on a certain thing. Join an active team like mine so that your downline can grow quickly.

Register under our seasoned admin Bella HERE  
Before or after registering, chat her up on Whatsapp with this number (+2348077602006) so that she can put you through on any area you might need clarification. 

Now that we are in the Mobile Banking era, you don’t really need to go to the bank to go and pay the N12,500. Once you call the person you are to pay to, you can do a transfer. Which means you can register even during weekend and you will transfer your money to the person they assigned you to pay to immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Register HERE Now!!! If you are finding it difficult to register, you can chat us on Whatsapp and we will put you through.

And remember, make sure you have your N12,500 at hand before registering.

Cheers and see you all at the top.

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