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Giving an Ex a Second Chance

Sometimes, I do see posts on Facebook where some people will say, the moment you end a relationship with someone, you should break all ties with them, why?

So, Because am no more dating you, I should avoid you like a plaque? I should not pick your calls or reply your messages or your greetings? I should delete your number and block you on all social media? I should join people to bad mouth you, and pretend not to know you when you run into trouble and am there to help you out? When I want to do something that is your area of specialization I should not call you and beg you for assistance? Why? Because we are no more dating? That is the height of childishness biko if you ask me.

For Christ Sake, I once Loved you, you were once a source of joy and happiness to me, you were once the reason for my existence, you were once the reason why I experienced true Love so why should I avoid you like a plaque because we are no more together?

Even though the intimacy is no more there, we can still talk and help each other once in a while when the needs arises.

Some people will say if you continue communicating with an Ex, you will develop feelings for them again and you will go back to them. And so? Is it an abomination to go back to an Ex? Do you know if your new guy/girl will be better off or worst than your Ex?

The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. If you break up with someone and the person latter apologize genuinely and you discovered he/she has turned off from what caused your breakup and you still have feelings for him/her why can't you accept him/her back?

No relationship is perfect. Relationship is something that you build. As you spend time with your lover, you get to know the good, bad and ugly part of them. Your duty as a lover, is to use the power of Love you both share to turn his/her ugly part to good.

If you keep dumping people after dating them for years because they did or use to do something you don't like and you are the type with the "An Ex is an Ex" syndrome, you will discover you will be getting older and will be jumping from one Lover to the other because no guy or girl out there is perfect.

If you date Mr. A for 2 years and you dumped him because he smokes and you don't like it. If you start dating Mr. B, you will latter dump him too, same with C, D and the rest of them. If you cannot manage a relationship, you cannot manage a man and one of your duty as a lady is to manage a man because your entire life revolves around a man.

So my people, it is not everything you read on social media that you will follow. Sometime, you should use your head to do a mental analysis of what you just read and try understanding it from your own point of view and not from the writers point. Same thing applies to my posts too.

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