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Major Reasons Why Guys Demands Sex From Their Girlfriends

Insecurity, I don't want to be seen as a fool and I don't want to be at the losing end are the three major reasons why guys like to demand sex from their girl.

When you are dating a girl and you are contributing to her development, you can ask her for sex. It is not a crime in a relationship to ask your Lover for sex. If she Loves you truly, she won't have any reason to say no.
Insecurity is one of the major reasons why guys demands sex from their girl. They believe most girls now adays don't believe in dating just one guy at a time, so to ensure the time and money that they have spent on you won't be a waste, so they will ask you for sex so soon.

Also, Most guys demands sex within the shortest period of time in a relationship because they don't want to be seen as a fool. There are some guys that will be spending on their woman, the girl will always turn him down anytime he wants to touch her. Later the guy will find out another guy somewhere that is not doing half of what he is doing for his girl is fawking her anytime he likes. In this case you are calling the guy a fool and since it is rampant these days, guys don wise up, within few weeks of dating you, they will start pestering you for sex especially if you too have demanded anything from them which they have given you.

Furthermore, No guy wants to be at the loosing end in a relationship now adays. Since they know most girls of now adays are becoming too materialistic and dates different guys at a time, in order not for them to loose, they will be asking you for sex every now and then. And when they want to have sex with you, they will fawk you like a dog. It is the sex that they will be using to consoles themselves.

That is why some girls will be picking their other guys calls stylishly in presence of their guy. Despite the fact that he knows she has someone or he knows she is cheating on him, he will not bother to ask or query her, within him, he will be like "If you like fawk all the guys wey dey Lagos, so far you dey give me your puci fawk too, no problem, anyhow you like, do your life"

Remember I said in one of my post that Relationship these days is give and take and if you don't want sex or don't want to loose your virginity stay away from relationship.

I also said in one of my post that if you don't want your boyfriend to demand sex from you, don't ask him for money or anything, Like, don't ask him for anything at all.

If you have never asked your guy for anything, he will be scared to even cuddle you how much more ask you for sex, but the moment you start asking him for money and other things, then be prepared to give him sex.

If he did not ask so soon, he will ask for it later. So take note

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