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Six Bad Habits To Take Into Consideration Before You Say "Yes I Do"

Before saying "Yes I Do", there are some things you need to take into consideration. Some habits are very unhealthy in a marital life, and if you don't trash it out before getting married, it might hurt your marriage a great deal on the long run. Some of these habits are;

1. Stinginess
Stinginess is one ugly habit that ruins marriage. If a man is stingy, his wife and kids will bear the consequences; because a stingy man has got no shame. Same thing applies to women. If a wife is stingy, she will never use her money to get anything at home. Everything na the man she go leave am for. So, discuss his stingy nature with him before agreeing to be his wife if not you and your kids might go hungry and be wearing rags when your husband have a fat bank account.

2. Too Authoritative
There are lots of guys out there that are very authoritative in a relationship. They dictates their girls life like dictation! They dictate clothes that their girl will wear, friends to keep, where to go and where not to. So before you accept his ring, talk out his authoritative habit with him.

3. Too Quite
If you are dating a guy or girl that is too quite, you should be very careful with them. Most quite people are very deadly. When you offend them, they will keep it to themselves, instead of them to tell you what you did to them so that you can make amends and apologise if possible, they will not. And then when you have forgotten that you once offend them, that is when they will retaliate. So be careful of guys or girls that keeps to themselves always.

4. Sex Freak
There are lots of guys and ladies in a relationship today that are sex freak. They can fawk all through the week without getting exhausted. If you and your partner likes sex a lot, then no problem, but if you are timid and does not like sex that much and your partner likes sex more than food, then you guys have to straighten it out before you both decide to live as a couple. If not, your partner might wound you with excess sex someday or you might end up packing out of his home because of too much sex or you will give end up giving him permission to go ahead and sleep with other women out there.

5. Unforgiving Spirit
There are some guys or girls in a relationship out there that will never forgive their lover anytime they offend them. Even if their lover likes, let him/her beg till they kingdom come, they will never forgive until they retaliate. If your lover is like that, discuss this his/her attitude with him/her before you move in with him/her.

6. Trust Issues
A whole lot of guys and girls in relationship these days has trust issues. Although they said "don't trust your fellow human being" but when you are dating someone, you should trust them a little. If you don't have a little bit of trust for your partner it might turn to a great issue when you move in as his wife.

I can go on and on but these six are the keys ones for now. Never you overlook any ugly habit your lover is exhibiting that you cannot tolerate. Marriage is not like relationship that you will go in today and will jump out the next day if things are not going well as expected. Marriage is till death do you apart, so make sure you iron any bad habit your lover is exhibiting that you cannot tolerate before saying “Yes I Do”

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