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Bereaved Dad Cremates Daughter Outside Home of in-laws who 'Forced her into Abortion' That Killed Her

 A grieving dad has cremated his daughter in the street outside the home of her in-laws who he claims forced her into an abortion that killed her.

Devastated Sunil Jadhav, 50, said he deliberately built the funeral pyre beside their home because he held the couple personally responsible for his daughter Swati Jamdade’s death.

Sunil said he was still "burning with anger" after she was killed when she was allegedly forced to get an abortion by the parents of her husband Praveen Jamdade.

It's claimed they made her get rid of the unborn baby when a gender test revealed it to be a girl, when they wanted a boy.

Swati’s brother Amar explained:
 "Everybody wants a proper cremation for their departed loved ones for the peace of their souls.But we know that Swati won't be at peace until her in-laws are put behind bars.
"We hope they remember her burning body every day for the rest of their lives.
"We will not stop until my sister gets justice."
Sunil claims Swati’s husband was desperate for a son and was furious that both the children she had given birth to were girls.

They claim he had cried inconsolably for hours and strolled the hospital corridor in anger in June 2015 when their daughter delivered a second girl.
The in-laws were also said to have been desperate for a grandson – and took matters into their own hands after she fell pregnant with a girl for the third time.

They allegedly tortured her and, after receiving the results of a gender test, forced her to get an abortion at a clinic in a small Indian village.But Swati died on March 1 after going to see a homeopath for an illegal abortion.

The homeopath Babasaheb Khidrapure, 36, and Swati’s husband have now been arrested.

But Swati’s family want to see her in-laws arrested as well and claim they hid the truth of her death.

They allegedly told Swati’s family she suffered a heart attack and the truth only came out following a postmortem.

The Hindustan Times

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