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Between My Parent and Close Friends Whom Should I Tell to Help Me Source For a Wife as a Man?

Sometime you can be ready for marriage as a man but you don't have any serious girl in your life to get married to, or you are too shy to approach a lady. If that happens what will you do? Most times we tell our parents, family members and friends our plight.

Discussing this with my colleague who is married at the office and she said it is better you ask your trusted or close friends to help you look for a guy or a lady to marry than asking your parents to look for a spouse for you.

Her reasons were that, if you tell your parents to look for a girl for you, they will call any of their good friend and tell that their friend that their son would like to marry his daughter. Your parents knows the girl parents as good and peace loving people but does your parent know the girl in person? No!

Your parents will think since their friend is a good man, his daughter will be a good girl too. So they will marry their son off to their friends daughter.

The big disadvantage of this is that, most girls that our parents or family members marry for us most time end up being a pain in the neck. The moment you marry them, that is when their true colour will surface. By then it will be too late, even your parents or the family member that talked you into marrying the girl might not be able to salvage the situation by then.

But when you are ready for marriage and you don't have any girl in your life and you tell your close friends that you are looking for someone to marry, those your friends will tell their friends too and on the long run a girl will surface. Any of your friend that will introduce you to a girl will tell you the good, bad and ugly side of the girl.

It is now left for you to date her for sometime and if you find out you are compatible, you can marry her.
But if it is our parents looking for spouses for us, they don't allow room for dating. They will just marry you off using the eye of the girls parents to judge her as a good girl that will make a good wife to their son. Not knowing that the girl might have some terrible character that none of her family possesses or even know of.
Although, when our parents look for spouses for us sometime, the marriage works out fine, but now adays, 80% of the girls our parents or family members marry for us end up being a direct opposite of what our parents told us they wer. Just like chameleon, the moment they start bearing children, their full true colour will surface.

So as a young guy, if am to advise you, I think it will be better to tell your friends your plight rather than your parents or do you think otherwise? Lets discuss.

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