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How to Rent out an Apartment Quickly and Successfully?

Landlords and landladies in search of reliable tenants usually face high competition and are willing to make concessions and reduce prices. However, you could compete with the quality of the service you offer!
We'll give you some sage advice on how to prepare an apartment for a successful rent. Do you want to let or rent an apartment in no time? Visit https://jiji.ng/apartments-for-rent!

Here you can find the largest selection of offers from both landlords and tenants from all over Nigeria, and therefore you can choose the best price or to have hundreds of thousands of tenants see your offer! The intuitive interface will make your search for offers or customers simple, effective and enjoyable!

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Compose a great advert

Prospective tenants will see your apartment for the first time in the announcement, therefore, it should make the tenant want to have a look at it in reality, or even make the potential tenants imagine themselves within the walls of your apartment.

Accordingly, you must have good photos of the apartment that you want to let.
The ad should be very specific about the benefits and drawbacks of the apartment. And do not forget to describe the infrastructure.

Think like a tenant

We need a good understanding of the target audience, i.e. who would like to rent your apartment? Your preparation will depend on this understanding - for example, renovation is not always obligatory as it may seem at the first sight.

Superficial renovation will increase the rental price of economy-class housing in a good location by about 5-10%. If the apartment area is small, and the apartment is located far from the subway, then it will most likely be rented by students or guest workers – and this means that you don’t have to do any renovation at all.

Make it really comfortable

An apartment is not a hotel room. And it must be different from it even visually. Make it feel like home by adding small details: flowers, blankets, aroma lamps (make sure that the smell is neutral and mild). You can also use some pictures and photographs.

Choose neutral design

If you haven’t renovated the apartment yet, but still plan to do to it, you need to choose the proper design in the first place. Experts advise to choose neutral colors.

A short to-do-list before you rent out your apartment

●    Throw out all the old stuff (bad-smelling and ugly-looking).
●    Buy detergents and sponges in order to clean everything up.
●    Buy some universal white paint and paint very carefully all the yellow surfaces that once were white.
●    Change the wallpaper or paint the walls.
●    Ventilate.
●    Add necessary appliances and trifles. You must have a complete set of furniture, household appliances, good plumbing and kitchen facilities, etc. Optional commodities may include a security door, plastic windows, Internet, a minimum set of dishes and cutlery, clean linens, and 2-3 decorative interior items.


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