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My Take on Tonto Dikeh Marital Crisis

While some of you are saying it was Karma that caught up with Tonto, I think the lady too is a victim here. Let us all face the truth. Nobody wey no like better thing. Also there is no woman out there that would not defend a man she loves.

There are some women out there that are working while their husband is not or has lost his job. Once the woman collects her pay, she will hand it over to her husband to run the home. Does that makes her a fool? Hell no.

There are some ladies that will be dating a guy, they will buy expensive clothes, shoes and phone for themselves, but because of the Love they have for their man and because they don't want their man to feel less of a man, they will be hyping him, telling us "God bless the man behind my smile"

Are these ladies stupid? No they are not. If you love someone, you will do everything not to hurt their pride.

Prior before her marriage, she was always hyping this young man and praising him on social media over gifts she allegedly claims he bought for her. But now that the marriage has packed up, we now know the truth.

Some of you said, she married the guy because of money, really? was she poor before she married that guy? for God sake, Tonto had a booming acting career. It's just so so unfortunate that she had to experience this.

Others said, she should have kept her marital crisis away from the media. Let me state here, once you are a celebrity, you automatically loose your privacy. There will be prying eyes on you everywhere. Moreover how can someone remain silent when your husband has turned you to a punching bag? Mind you, we are yet to confirm if her Husband was truly beating her though but according to her recent interview with Mediahub TV it might be true that indeed the man was hitting her.

She also said she treated countless number of STD's while in the marriage. Does that make sense? we know most married men cheat, but bringing STD's home to your wife is a No, No and a No. The guy said nothing regarding this though so we are yet to confirm this too.

So you guys should cut her some slab because she is a victim here too. No woman would wish for her home to be broken!

All I wish for now is for this trying time to just blow away like the wind and let a fresh new beginning begins between she and her husband.

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