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Nigeria Male Celebs Which Way?

When you ask all these our Male Celebs that have attained Marriage age and are well to do why they are not yet married, 95% of them will say "because they have not seen a woman that they Love, Others will say all girls coming their way are all after their money, why some will say they are shy to approach a lady"

If you ask me, all these are flimsy excuses so that they can continue with their wayward lifestyle! Most of them will be deceiving themselves with a lesser age why in real sense most of these our male celebs are in their 40s already, some are even in their 50s and still single but will be claiming 32 on social media. Make una continue dey deceive unaself!

If as a man you are over 30 years of age and you are saying you are not mature in mind to take responsibility then you have issues. Some people will say Marriage has got nothing to do with age, you have to get married till you are ready. So we should be looking at you like groundnut till you clock 80 years before you will tell us you are ready for marriage abi?

Marriage is based on being responsible as a man. If you can take responsibility as a man then you can start a family. All these our Male celebs claiming they are not ready is because they are enjoying the dividends of marriage despite the fact that they are not married.

Two major things that married men enjoys in marriage is constant sex and their wife giving them a child. Our celebs too are enjoying these things even more than married men self and that is the major reasons why they have refused to get married.

If they need a fat, slim, tall, short, dark or fair girl for the night, all they need do is just to tell their PA, and the PA will arrange a girl of their spec for them immediately.

If they feel they are getting old, they will just call any girl, make her a baby mama and viola they are now a father even when they are not married.

Since they are tasting different girls puci any time they want, and they can easily impregnate any girl they want is the major reasons why most of our male celebs are not married! They don't want to be responsible!

Any normal man that is above 30 years, educated, have a good job that can cater for him, a wife a child will start thinking of raising a family. If he is shy to talk to women, he will talk to his parents and his parents will go all the way out to scout for a good wife for him.

But all these our male celebs will just be giving excuses upon excuses. You are 40 years old and single and yet you are congratulating a fellow celeb that is 35 years old and is celebrating his 5th wedding anniversary, my brother you need spiritual cleansing.

I don't blame them sha, had it been all these our Olosho girls of now adays are not giving them free puci, they will sit tight and take responsibility as a real man.

So to all these our young entertainers going into the limelight, get a good girlfriend now, grow with her and once you reach the peak of your career, wife her immediately. It will make you responsible and not confused you on the long run like most of our male celebs of today.

I rest my case.

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