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Open Letter to All Married Women on Social Media

Dear Married Women on Social Media, learn how to take your marital bliss and issues off social media. Some Married women now adays are the ones making their husband vulnerable to all these girls that are out there to destroy a happy home.

Let me tell you this. Your husband side chick knows your name on all social media. Sometime she will be following you or she will be your friend self, but do you know her mission? Her mission is to monitor your husband through you.

Some men will buy a new phone for their wife, the woman will come on social media and will update "A big thanks to my Husband for getting me this new iPhone 7" Do you think your husband side chick who has been monitoring you on social media will stay calm? Immediately she will call your husband and demand for her own iPhone 7 too.

Your husband got you a car as your birthday gift, you went on social media and uploaded pictures of the car with caption like "My husband is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me, he just got me this car as my birthday gift" Immediately your husband side chick sees it, she will call your husband immediately and will demand for her won car too whether it's her birthday or not"

Some of these girls will even mock you self. Once you uplaod a picture of the car, they will drop comments like "Mumu, dey there dey do good house wife while am fawking your husband, your husband got you a Toyota Camry as birthday gift and you are happy, listen up bitch, he got me an SUV last week"

And by then you go want develop heart attack. You will start cursing on your husband and calling him all manners of name. Listen up, Almost all married men cheat, and their side chicks are like monitoring spirits, they know everything about you and your household already whether your husband tells them or not. So instead of pushing him out for all to see, why not do your lovey dovey with your husband silently off social media?

Some women will come online and will update "I told my husband i wanted a new hairdo and he gave me 50k for it, i love my husband" Funny enough when some mumu housewife on social media update status like this, they will tag their husband to the post. My dear you just dug your own grave yourself. You updated status like that and then you expect all the hungry single ladies on your list not to go after your husband? You are joking!

Back in the days, ladies that date married men do it secretly, but now adays dem no send your ancestors. Some side chick can follow your husband home self now adays. So one just have to be careful.

Sometime last year, i was discussing with a lady here in Ikeja who says she prefers dating only married men and then when i asked her why, she gave me a straight answer, she said "Married men knows how to take care of a lady than single guys"

If you check this out, it is true! Most married men that have side chicks, spend more on their side chick than their wife's at home. I personally know of someone who was dating a married man that her birthday and her married boyfriend wife birthday falls on the same date. On the day of the birthday, the man came to her to celebrate her birthday with her instead of celebrating with his wife at home.

Side chicks now adays don't care whether your home fall apart or not, all they are after is their own happiness. If am to advise self, i will advise married women to stay off social media and concentrate on their home. Some married women spend more time on social media than they do at home. If they wake up in the morning, they will first of all update all their social media accounts, reply messages before they will start preparing the kids for school. Is that not madness?

Some over sabi ones will say, if my husband is on social media, why can't i be on social media too? Nobody said you should not be on social media, but don't you think your home is more important than Facebook, Instagram and snapchat?

So be wise married women on social media.

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