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Reasons Why Some Girls Do Refuse Head

To start with, all girls like oral sex. If a girl is refusing being licked by her man, then their are some personal reasons of her. A healthy Oral sex between couple is cool. Infact the 69 position is cooler. lol. Well to me, bellow are the reasons why a girl will not allow a guy to give her head.

1. When she is smelly down there.
Any girl that is smelly down there will not allow a man to stick his tongue down there. Because it will be very embarrassing after the man is going down there with his mouth and he perceives an offensive odour and he immediately removes his face in between your legs. Shame go want kill the girl. So in other to avoid such embarrassment, she will refuse the guy licking down there.

2. If a girl is too hairy down there.
Some girls like keeping hairy vag. Due to reasons best known to them. If your girl happens to be such girl, she might not allow you to give her head because the too much hairs will be making the act very uncomfortable for her, so she will refuse.

3. If she is too Religious.
There are some religious leaders out their that preaches against oral sex. They believe the act is demonic. So if your woman is very religious and she attends churches or religious gathering where they preach against oral sex, then she will never allow you to lick her. She might allow sex, but they will never blowjob their man neither will they allow their man to lick down there.

4. If she is young and inexperienced.
If your wife or girlfriend is young and inexperienced, she might refuse you giving her head because she will find the act very uncomfortable.

5. If she is a native girl.
If you married your wife from the village where there is no internet services nor rigid western education, she might see you giving her head as an occultic or abominable act.

So guys, i think these five reasons are the reasons why some girls refuse their man in giving them head.

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