"" Vampire was Killed Because He Forgot to Wear Disappearance Charm Around His Waist - Herbalist | Talk With Da Silva

Vampire was Killed Because He Forgot to Wear Disappearance Charm Around His Waist - Herbalist

The herbalist, who was arrested for preparing charms to fortify notorious kidnap kingpin, Henry Chibueze, popularly called Vampire, has said Vampire was killed because he probably forgot to tie the charm for disappearance on his waist.

55 year old Iweajuo Gad, who was arrested in his shrine at Asoeme town in Aba, Abia South Local Government Area of Abia State revealed that he collected N700,000 to prepare the charms that facilitated his client’s rescue from the court.

Among charms prepared for Chibueze, according to his herbalist, were those that could stop bullets from penetrating his body and that of members of his gang, and could enable him disappear at will.
According to the herbalist,
 “yes, I was his juju man. I performed the special ritual that made his escape from the Owerri High Court. I did it with the assistance of three other herbalists. “Part of the rituals included causing disagreement among prison officials. We got the names of seven prison officials through the help of Vampire’s brother. I did incarnations, which caused them to be weak and confused. I was paid N700,000 for the ritual. I was given an initial payment of N200,000 for the preparation and after he was successfully rescued, I was paid the balance of N500,000.”

 Asked why the charm failed on the day Chibueze was eventually killed, he stated that he could have forgotten to tie the charms for disappearance round his waist.

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