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Are You The Main Chick or The Side Chick?

This is a question every girl in a relationship out there need to have an answer to before they go about slandering and fighting their boyfriends new girl. If you are not sure of your position in a guys heart, then you don’t need to fight any other girl you see him with.

When you ask a girl why they think they are the main chick, they will mostly say, because they have been dating the guy for long or they knew the guy when he had nothing. 

Listen up, it is the guy that knows and determines who his main chick is and who the side chick is. You as the lady is not the one to determine this. Before I go deep into this let me quickly tell you guys a gist one of my colleagues told me about a girl in their neighbourhood. 

She said, the girl has been dating this guy for good solid 15 years. Everybody in the neighbourhood and in church knows that the two of them are dating. Guys hardly approach the girl because everyone thinks she is taken. The only question people were asking them is “When una go marry”? On the long run, the guy changed his church to one of these our Elite churches of now adays that most of it’s worshipers are rich single ladies looking for husbands to marry. I won’t mention the name of the church for security reasons, but if you are calculative enough, you will know the church am talking about. The guy started dating one of the rich girls in the church and before we say “Based on Logistic” the guy got married to the new girl. He dumped his girlfriend of 15 years for a girl he just met few months back.

So, the number of years you spent dating a guy is not what qualifies you as his main chick; what makes you a guys main chick is the position you occupy in his heart. A guy can date you for 5 years and will make a girl he just started dating recently his main chick because that one seems to eat more into his heart than you that has been with him for years.

Talking of number of years you have spent with him, do you know if  he has been with the girl you are calling a side chick, way back longer before he met you? Of cause it is good for you to fight for your man, but fighting a fruitless fight is what am not a party of. The fight is fruitless because you don’t know your position in his heart and yet you are busy fighting and chasing away every girl you see him with. That’s an early stage of insanity if you ask me.  

You better wise up and open your eyes. Men generally are insatiable when it comes to women, we want to taste them all in different shapes and sizes, but when a girls occupies a man’s heart, after flirting around or having flings with those girls, he will still come back to you because you are the one that occupies his heart. Your duty as the main chick is to use that position you occupy in his heart to cut off or chase him away from the other girls because the problem is from your man and not from the other girls he is dating. 

Even in marriages, after the man has painted town red with his side chick, he will still return home to his wife and kids because his family is his number one priority. It is only but a useless man that will spend a night at his side chick home leaving his wife and kids at home.

Even if you know that you are the main chick, you still have to still apply wisdom “Based on Logistic”

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