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How Former Colleagues of TBoss’ Brother Exposed Him, Claim He’s a Serial Woman Beater and Had Forced His Ex-girlfriend to do Series of Abortion

TBoss brother exposed
So, it all started yesterday, when TBoss’ brother, Christopher came for Comedian AY for making jokes about his sister. He took to Instagram to write:
Trying to make an assault look normal and acceptable, ignoring the hurt the victim felt and still feels every time she remembers the incident. All I have to say is that karma is a dish best served cold and it multiplies, in the future when all your daughters get assaulted, raped and abused remember how u joked about another persons misfortune and made cash out of it. And when the whole country is laughing at your daughters misfortune remember that it has only just begun.
This of course stirred war on Instagram, as Nigerians trooped to his Instagram to support him and of course others lashed him. They claim Christopher is just looking for fame.

Now, 3 former colleagues of Christopher has exposed him, accusing him of being a woman beater. They claimed while they were all in Delsu, Christopher impregnated his former girlfriend with the name Dammy, continuously beat her and forced her to do series of abortion. They also insinuated that TBoss might be a “runs girl”.

One @Kay_mivwefe wrote on Instagram:
Come Chris, you are talking of Karma? You of all people? karma definitely awaits you for all you did to Dammy while in Delsu, see someone talking of karma, you that was busy beating up your girlfriend ins school upandan, now coming here to claim saint for an assault on your sister. Who is better off between you and kemen? Just shut your mouth there. I don’t support kemen’s actions but you have no right to speak of karma else the blood of the babies dammy removed for you would come knocking this night. You even have mouth to wish same on AY’s daughter whereas you are worse off. Mstcheeew. Park well else your story go full blog tomorrow morning. Enjoy your 2 minutes of fame.
Another of his colleague (@kimkyofficial) wrote:
Yo blocked my friend abi? Woman beater, you remember dammy in delsu how you beat her and ask her to abort for you? Now you’re claiming saint and talking of kemen.
Chris if youe ven insult any of BBN housemate again i will give you and dammy gist to instablog so she can disgrace you. You are not a saint and you know it. Including tokunbo we know all your gist.
@christhova swear you don’t know dammy! or you don’t know what tokunbo do in Abuja.

Another user @lalababyyy07 wrote:
This tboss bro that blocked me. I’m laughing. Since you have been insulting kemen we have been over looking you. Am dammy’s friend in deltu that you slept with anyhow, got pregnant and she kept aborting for you. and you even beat her up! Woman beater insulting kemen! Kemen is far better than you.
Christopher if you dare block me! I will finish you on the internet! Is Kemen not better than you? Woman beater! I will make sure I go to all the blogs I know and DM your story with Dammy.
You known Tokunbo make her hair at a saloon in kado in Abuja and you know how she’s rude to those saloon gals? N how she goes to a bar in Abuja (won’t call the name for now! you know what tboss do, don’t you?

Image credit: Instablog9ja.

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