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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - My First Quickie With Adeola at My Friends House (Part I)

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My first quickie happened at Tunde’s place. Tunde has been my friend for long. We both live on the same street and we were both living with our parents back then in 2012. There was this girl who also stays on our street back then, she lives with her parents too, her name is Adeola.  My friend and I do see her on the street. Anytime we see her passing by, we will start eyeing her and giving her all kinds of signals indicating our interest in her. 

One day, My mum sent me to go and give her friend money for Aso-Ebi, when I was returning, I saw Adeola coming from afar. Immediately, I made up my mind to talk to her that day. I walked straight to her and I told her to spare me some minutes. She said she was running an errand but we can still talk briefly. She told me her name is Adeola which I already know, I did same too and we exchanged numbers.
After that day; we started talking on phone daily and mostly late in the night during free night calls period and we do see each other’s when she can. Adeola happens to be the only girl child. She has 3 brothers and she is the last child. Her parents and brothers hardly allow her to go out.  During one of my conversation with her at night, I invited her to my place when my parents are off to work on a Tuesday. At first she refused, but after much persuasion, she agreed, immediately she accepted, I had a hard on instantly.

 Tuesday morning came and my mum gave me a bad news saying she is not going to work that day, she said she was not  feeling too well that Tuesday morning, I became pissed immediately she told me this because I was expecting Adeola. I went to the backyard and I called Adeola immediately to hold on because my mum is still around. I then called my friend Tunde around 10am to know if he's home alone, Tunde said he's home alone. I immediately think of a lie to tell my mum so I could go over to Tunde's place for atleast and hour. She said I should go but that I shouldn't stay beyond an hour. I rushed out to Tunde's place and I called Adeola to meet me at Tunde's place. 

At first she resisted but after much persuasion, she agreed. Remember that my one hour started counting immediately I stepped out of the house. Adeola arrived at Tunde's place 20mins after I got there. The three of us sited in Tunde's living room watching Tv. Tunde offered to entertain Adeola but she said No, that she was okay.
I started signaling to Tunde to excuse us but the idiot wouldn’t. Finally, after 25mins, Tunde  stood up and said he almost forget that he is to get something for his mum before she comes back from work and that it would take him like 30mins, he left me and Adeola alone in the sitting room. I decided to sit closer to her and I told her am not having much time to spend here before my mum start calling me.

We kept staring at each other sited in the three sitter couch. I moved closer to Adeola to kiss her on the lips, she was moving her mouth away, but I held her head slightly and I started kissing her. This was my first kiss with her. We kept on kissing while the TV was on.. The kisses was so intense, I quickly got up and I went and bolted the sitting room door from the inside so that no one can come in from the outside unannounced.  I came back to her on the couch and I grabbed her b00bs in her short gown. I started squeezing them softly immediately. 
By this time, She is now getting comfortable on the couch and she kept biting my lips as we French kissed. While I was doing this I remembered this is Tunde's house and her parents could be close, also my 1 hours should have elapsed by now. Not wanting to waste this golden opportunity, I decided to do all I have to do quickly. I immediately told Adeola I wasn't having any Condom on me and she said it’s okay but don’t release inside me o. Hearing this I kissed her softly and I continued squeezing her boobs. I rolled her gown up to her waist and I shifted her white panty aside, I started teasing her wet puci.  Her puci was slightly hairy.   

Not wanting to take any chances, I started fingering her softly as she started moaning softly. I fingered her for some minutes, I quickly unzipped my trouser, brought out my d!ck through the zip opening and I tried leading my d!ck into her puci. Damn I could not enter her, I balanced her on the chair again and I tried penetrating her but my d!ck won’t enter her puci.

To be continued...

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