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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - My First Quickie With Adeola at My Friends House (Part II)

I told her to get up which she did, I sat on the chair and I told her to sit on my laps, while she sat on my laps, I spread her legs apart, shifted her panty aside and I used my hand to locate her puci opening. With ease I led my d!ck deep into her as she gasped for breath. Pull out, shhhhhhh, it’s painful, please pull out. Relax baby, I will be gentle I assured her, but you are going too deep and am feeling pains. Okay sorry I won’t go deep, as I adjusted, I told her to get up a bit and lean on the chair. She did as I instructed her and I started forking her slowly as she was moaning Hmmmmmmm, shhhhhhh, arrrggggh. I later increased the speed and she said slow down, I told you it’s painful. She was obviously feeling pains because her puci was very tight and small.

I forked her raw for 10 mins in that position, I told her to get up from my d!ck, when she came out, my d!ck was covered with her puci secretion. I bent her over, I told her to place her two hands on the couch and I raised her axx up abit the doggy way, from behind her, I held her pant and I shifted it aside again, I held my d!ck with my right hand while I used my left hand to shift her pant aside and then I slide into her puci from behind. 
I started banging her from behind the doggy style. She held one of her hand backward so that I would not go deep into her. By this time her panty was fully in a mess. The under of her panty was soaked wet with her secretion. She kept moaning and whispering my name as I was devouring her puci from behind.  She was dripping wet as her secretions could be seen on the couch. I started going deep and deeper into her as my balls were hitting her axx. 

She started moaning in pleasure and it was getting loud. I slowed down the pace and I will push in again every now and then, I latter grabbed her by the waist, and I started exploring all parts of her puci with my d!ck. 

While I was banging her, I felt my d!ck getting stiff and my spe#rms rushing down my d!ck, I kept on pounding and I immediately pulled out as my hot cum splattered on her panty. Immediately I released, we heard a knock on the door. You need to see the shock on Adeola face. 

She quickly rolled her gown down and I quickly squeezed my semi-hard d!ck back into my trouser. I quickly cleaned some of the cum that dropped on the chair with my hand and I quickly went to open the door. It was Tunde, he whispered, “Una don finish”? and I smiled, immediately Tunde sat down, Adeola told us she is going home. Tunde asked why? Is it because of me? She said no, my brothers will be looking for me by now and she bade me good bye and she left. 

Immediately Adeola left, Tunde started asking me “How far” you fork her abi? Which style una do? She sweet well well? You suck her b00by? Her b00by big? He wants me to give him details of how I forked Adeola. I told him, I did not fork her. And Tunde said “Na wah for you o, why you dey lie? I told Tunde I only fingered and sucked her b00bs. 

I know the kind of person Tunde is, I don’t want him to start spoiling Adeola’s name in the neighbourhood.  I forked Adeola few more times before we broke up in early 2014.

The End.

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