"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - An Unforgettable Se.x Experience With my Childhood Friend Amaka (Part I) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - An Unforgettable Se.x Experience With my Childhood Friend Amaka (Part I)

Amaka and I have been friends from secondary school. She was that clean girl in JSS 1 back then. She was tall, pretty and have long hairs like Fulani people. Amaka is a very beautiful Igbo girl. She was so pretty that lots of girls back then in secondary school envied her. 

Amaka does not keep male friends, neither does she like associating herself with just anyhow female student. She was very choosy back then. I was surprised one day during break period when she asked me for my science note. Like someone under a spell, I hurriedly opened my school bag and I gave it to her. Immediately she collected it, she just left, me too I did not even ask her when she will return it. Does that matter? I was happy that the queen of our class found me worthy to borrow my note. 

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I bragged about it to my friends when we were going home that day. To cut the story short, we became close friends through that notebook. We were so close that everybody calls us husband and wife. It got to a point that our principal had to summon us. But to tell the truth, I had a huge crush on Amaka but I could not summon courage to tell her, there were times were I will stylishly hug her just to feel her young b00bs on my chest. You know teenage lifestyle na. we continued following each other till we finished from secondary school. 

It was the day of our VS that I could summon courage to tell her how I feel about her. When I told her, she just laughed me off, she was like “Buchi” we are close, I see you as my brother, I can’t date you. If you had told me from the beginning I would have accepted. But now my mind sees you as a brother. I can’t develop that relationship feelings for you. But don’t worry I will surprise you someday. I felt bad and at the same time I felt stupid for not making my intentions known to her earlier. We finished secondary school around 2007 and by December that same year I lost contact with her because they relocated unexpectedly because her mum was having issues with her dad. He mum relocated to Enugu with her while her dad remained in Lag.  

I nearly died because of this heartbreak. By 2008 I was already in the University. When I was in my second year, destiny brought me and Amaka back again. She gained Admission to my school LASU, she was almost through with her 100L before I ran into her in a very unbelievable manner, you need to see the public hug. Me too I felt like a don since it was a public hug with lots of students staring at us. That day she took me to her hostel, fortunately, her hostel was close to mine. Wow. We rekindled our friendship love again. We chatted deep into the night before I left her place. I promised I will be visiting her almost on a daily basis. We became close again like before.
During one of the short public holidays, Amaka visited my hostel because hers was boring, most of her hostel mates had travelled. Before Amaka came, I was watching an erotic movie on my laptop with the lights in my room switched off. I opened the door for Amaka to come in. She asked why everywhere was dark, I answered her that am watching a movie and I like the lights off whenever am watching a movie on my laptop. I moved towards the wall to turn on the switch but she said it’s okay that I should leave it. I got back to bed to continue with my movie. 

To be continued...

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