"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - An Unforgettable Se.x Experience With my Childhood Friend Amaka (Part 2) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - An Unforgettable Se.x Experience With my Childhood Friend Amaka (Part 2)

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She sat beside me on the bed and we started watching the movie together. She kept commenting about every erotic scene in the movie, she even went as far as analyzing some scenes. So whenever an erotic scene is on, I will fast forward the erotic scene. Amaka said I should stop that it’s okay we can be watching the erotic scenes...I said but... She said it’s okay and I teasingly told her, “Amaka you are now a bad girl o” and she tapped me on the back with “You are not serious”.

She dropped the bombshell when she jokingly said that can't I watch p0rn with a lady? I was surprised to hear that from her. I said to her of cause I can. She said “Your I can is not convincing enough”. As we were talking, another erotic scene came up. She asked me bluntly "do you have p0rn on your laptop"? I looked at her and said yes as I swallowed my saliva. What has come over this girl? Kept ringing in my head. The worst is that I have loads of p0rns on my Laptop, I have lots of folders containing loads of p0rn of different p0rn actors.  

My favourite p0rn actor is shane diesel. I opened the folder for her to see, there were about 10 videos of shane diesel in that folder. I selected all of them and I copied it onto my VLC player and I hit the Spacebar keyboard on my Laptop to play. She was wowed by the d!ck size of this actor and she kept asking me if its real. I said of cause its real. Is your own big like this she pressed further? My own big pass dis self, you want see? I fired back. I no want see wetin go blind my eye biko as we both laughed softly. 

This time she started opening the videos herself and I could tell the videos were really getting to her. Remember my room was dark and we are here watching p0rn together. She opened a particular video where the girl was begging shane diesel to stop and she kept moaning and shouting like she has seen a ghost... By this time, my d!ck was rocket hard and am really trying to hide it from her. But she eventually got to know with the uneasy look on my face. She smiled and said its normal as she looked down at my boxer. 
While she was doing this, I summoned courage and i started squeezing her b00bs gently through her top. I latter took off her top and she's was left with her bra, jean trouser and maybe a panty. I unhooked her bra and I plastered my tongue on her nipp#les, I started sucking her as she started moaning softly. She slide down my boxers and when my huge cucumber popped out, she was like “Your d!ck is like that of that p0rn guy, It’s big!” She started stroking my d!ck and at the same time tickling my big balls.

To be continued....

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