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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - An Unforgettable Se.x Experience With my Childhood Friend Amaka (Part 3)

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 It was the best feeling ever. I unbuttoned and unzipped her jean and I was surprise to see that she wasn't wearing any pant! Her puci was completely shaved. Wow! How I loved shaved pucies. I immediately rolled her trouser off her legs and I raised her two legs backward to have a clear view of her cute puci, I placed my head in between her legs with my tongue out I started licking her wet puci. I was dipping my tongue deep and deep into her hole as she kept moaning with lust. 
She latter held my head and pressed my face to eat deep into her puci. I bent her over, to lie on the bed with her belly facing down and her axx facing up. I spread her axx chick apart and I dipped my hand into her puci from behind, damn her puci was super tight, my hand could not enter. By this time my pre-cum was already splattered all over her back. I like banging from behind, so I held my d!ck with my hand and with ease, I gently led it into her puci from behind, she gave this soft moan as I was going in inch by inch until my entire 7.5 inch d!ck was buried in her honey pot.
I pulled out gently, waited for 2 seconds and I pushed in gently again. I waited for 1 seconds and I pulled out, I latter started forking her slowly. I was forking her slowly and passionately. Amaka have a very warm puci. Her puci was very hot on the inside, that once I pushed in, I feel like being in there for ever. After forking her slowly for 5mins, I started increasing the speed gradually. 
 I raised her axx up and I started banging her doggy style. While I was devouring her puci from behind, her b00bs were dangling beneath her. I used my two hands to hold her b00bs and I continued banging her. I was squeezing her b00bs hard and at the same time banging her puci hard. She latter started wriggling her waist while I was banging her, I know she is about to cum. She cums after few seconds and I could feel the super wetness of her puci. I pulled out of her puci and her white cum started rolling out of her agape puci.
 I laid on the bed, and I told her to sit on my rocket hard d!ck and she obeyed like the p0rn girl we saw in the video earlier. She started banging me herself to my utmost surprise. She was twisting her waist on my d!ck as she was riding on it. She was bouncing up and down on my d!ck like a yoyo. “Am tired” she said and she came down.
I allowed her to rest for some minutes and then I told her to stand up, she stood up, I got up too, I told her to place her two hand on the wall and she did, I told her to raise her axx upward a bit and she obeyed, from behind I held my d!ck and I led it into her wet puci again. Remember I told you I like banging from behind earlier. 
I started pounding her from behind again, I held her waist tight and I was forking her deep and deeper, she managed to say “Buchi have you not cummed yet, my puci is paining me o” her statement sent me to cloud nine as I felt my d!ck contracting in her puci, am cumming already dear. I pushed in and out like 3 times and when I found out am about to pour in her, I pulled out my rod and my thick sticky cum gushed out from my 7.5 inch pipe and splattered all over her back down to her axx. 
I caressed her and then I led her to the bathroom. We showered together and then when we came back to the room, her mood changed. She became angry all of a sudden. If I wanted to touch her, she will tell me “Buchi don’t touch me” I was dumbfounded, I dint know my crime, we just had a hot steamy sex few mins ago, what did I do just now that is making her angry was the question I kept asking myself. 

I managed to say, okay am sorry I had sex with you. I thought you wanted it too. Am sorry “Amy baby” that is the name we use to call her back then in secondary school. She said “Buchi it is not about the sex, it was the way you did it. You forked me like a whore. Now my puci is paining me, all my joint too is paining me”

I continued begging her as I started dressing up quickly, where are you going to she asked? Just wait here let me get you some pain reliever “before she could tell me “don’t bother” I was out” I quickly ran to the school chemist, got some pain reliever, went to an eatery across the express, got some ice cream, chocolate, jollof rice and chicken and I hurriedly went back. When I dropped them on the bed, she was like “Are you trying to bribe me so that you can fork me like a whore again”? and I giggled with common, we are bestie na. bestie she exclaimed! Okay we are now dating I said. Better she concluded.

The end.

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