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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - What Happend When I Visited Bukky's Hostel (PART 1)

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Bukky has always been my crush, I always had my eyes on her ever since she was a teenager. When she finally clocked 21 years, I started my mission on her, lol. First I asked her out and after the usual “Give me some time to think about it, she finally agreed. Within a month of dating her, she called me on phone and invited me over to her hostel on a Friday evening. 

I told her I will try and come because it was about to rain that evening. 30mins later, I called to tell her I was on my way. By this time, everywhere was cloudy. I got to her hostel and I knocked on her door, she opened the door and I can see she was wearing a pink bum short and a white top. I entered her room and I sat on the plastic chair while she lay on her bed.

We started gisting about different stuffs and few minutes later it started raining so heavily that we could barely hear each other. I opted to sit on her bed and she agreed. She stood up to close her windows and curtains afterwards, From where I was sitting, I could see that she was wearing a purple G-string pant with the upper part of her panty showing as she stood on her toes to adjust the curtains. This got me slightly hard but I pretended as if I saw nothing. She came back to the bed and said she was feeling cold, I offered to cuddle her, she smiled and said “you are not serious”.  We later laid down beside each other on the bed while we were still gisting. 
She placed her head on my chest and I could feel the heat from within her. In less than 2 minutes, her lips were on mine. We started kissing and rolling over each other. We were kissing so passionately. Now I have my hands right on her firm b00bs and at the same time kissing and smooching her. This continued for some minutes and she hurriedly started fighting with my belt. She was c0ck hungry I guess. While she was unhooking my belt to free my already hard d!ck, I had already unhooked her bra, Immediately her bra fell off her body, I was welcomed with the most pointed and firm b00s I’ve ever seen. I wasted no time, immediately I started sucking and chewing on her nip#ples, she started moaning softly and latter her moaning increased as I sucked and chew on her nip#ples harder. By this time, her hand was in my jean already and she couldn't stop wanking my super hard d!ck.

To be Continued...

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