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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - What Happend When I Visited Bukky's Hostel (PART 2)

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I reached for her bum shorts, unzipped it and slide it down her kneels. I could see her already soaked purple gstring panty. I immediately slide two fingers inside the pant and took it off with the bum short. She also pulled down my jean and boxer and my hard d!ck was all breathing heavily and ready to fork her. Without wasting much time, I spread her legs apart and slide my d!ck inside her puci. She held me by the waist while I was pumping her puci in missionary style and at the same time fondling her boobs. She kept on moaning as I continued pounding her really hard with her pillow beneath her head. 

Later, She came on top while I laid down on my back and I slide my d!ck inside her again with my hands on her b00bs. I started banging her hard again as my d!ck keeps slipping out of her puci every now and then because her puci was damn wet. Anytime my d!ck slips outta her puci, I will use one of my hand to push it into her wet hole again and I will continue pounding her. 

After banging her in this position for some minutes, I pulled out of her and I started fingering her puci and rubbing her clit with my fingers, she was moaning and wriggling her waist like a pro. I raised her two legs over my shoulder and then slide my d!ck in her again and I started dicking her deeply this time. This time the rhythm of her moaning changed from hmmmm, mmmm to oouch, ouch, ouch, any time I push in deep, she gives me the ouch sound. 

 After banging her rigorously for 45mins, she started moaning out loud and gasping for breath, she held my waist tight, I know she was about cumming so I increased the speed to give her an unforgettable orgasm. I banged the hell out of her puci and she cums hard on my d!ck. 

Now it is my turn to cum, I pulled out of her puci and damn, my d!ck was covered with her white thick cum, I held my d!ck, used it to tap her clit for some mins before sliding it in again. This time the noise her puci was making was different, after few mins of banging her softly this time, I felt my d!ck contracting, I know am about to explode. I quickly pulled out of her puci and I wanked my d!ck faster as I poured my heavy load on her bed sheet as I was doing the arrrghhh, auuuchhhh sound. 

We cleaned up and we decided to rest a little, we lay on her bed and before we knew it, we both slept off. I woke up around 10pm, by this time the rain has stopped, I woke her up, told her if I could pass the night there since it was late, she said no problem. I was overjoyed on the inside cause I know her puci would be mine all through the night. 

The End.

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