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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How My Girlfriend Friend Seduced Me Into Forking Her (Part 1)

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My name is Olaide but my friends call me Richway or Smile 4 Olaide. I'm from kwara state and Ilorin to be precise, which is the state capital. I have this fun experience I want to share with you guys, I'm gonna mix this with the photocopy language that I'm speaking now and our own Tiwan Tiwan English, so bear with me please.

I have a girlfriend that we both care about each other so much, we do what other bfs and gfs normally do.  My girlfriend visits me anytime she feels like.

One afternoon my girlfriend called me to ask if I am at home and I said yes. She told me she'll be coming and I said that's cool, after dropping the call, I was excited that I was gonna get laid. I quickly went to the bathroom, take my bath because my gf like’s it when am clean before we get laid.

So after I took my bath, I was drying my body with a towel and I opened my door but closed the corridor door, am using a self contain flat. You know that kind of BQ. So the outside door opened and I didn't mind because I know it’s my gf and the next thing I know, they were two and my gf friend was the one that first got in because my gf opened the door and hold it for her to enter, she entered and she saw me naked. I ran to the bathroom immediately.

My gf asked me to come out, that she is sorry, that she didn't know I was going to be in that state and I told her I will be right out. So after a minute, I stepped out and me and the girl greeted each other, and she apologize. To cut the story short, I entertained them and during our conversation, me and this girl will look at each other and that shyness will come again and my gf will laugh.

So they left and before they could take a bike, my gf hugged me and I was gonna shake the hand of her friend and my gf said "come on Olaide, stop acting like a kid and forget about what happened ". So I hugged the girl too and she whispered into my ear and said "I Like What I Saw". And I was like... Anyway, I had to composed myself because of my gf.

When they got back to school, my gf called me and thanked me for the hospitality and told me her friend want to thank me too. She gave the phone to her and the girl thanked me and apologize over what happened earlier and I said "it's okay”and when we were saying our goodbyes, she said that same thing "I Love What I Saw and would love to see more of it". Naso I end the call o.

Around 9pm, I was in my room chatting on whatsapp, facebook,  and BBM. I was also going through pictures of hot naija girls on Instagram. You know that kind thing na, where you will open all the social media at once, minimizing and opening every now and then. I don't really  worry about data cos I do monthly subscription on my phone.

Suddenly a message came in from an unsaved number and the message reads "Mr D!ck, How Are You?". I was like... But I couldn't say a word, so I went to look at the person pix and saw that it was my gf friend and I replied her with "please don't call me that". She said sorry. And I said it's okay. She latter said, you need to get over what happened and I said I had forgotten about it. She latter asked me if I can keep a secret and I said "I'm not a snitch".  So she said "she likes me, like my posture and my D!ck. And I sent her a shocked Imoji. And she said "Na watin na?",  you never hear am before? I just smiled and I told her thanks.

So she continued by telling me she's been wanting to see me for a very long time, that she was the one that told my gf to call me when she told her that my house isn't far to where they were. And told her to come see me. She continued telling me how my gf used to talk about me, blab la bla. She paused and I told her to continue and she said, hope you won’t tell your girl all what am telling you and I told her am not a kid "I be big boi na".

So she continued; She said you know the way you guys used to talk about girls, how you want to tidy this one and how you tidy that one, how good this one is on bed and how bad that one is, all sort of things shaaa. She said they girls do that too, how they wish this guy ask them out, how they wish that guy eat their Puci. Blah Blah Blah. And I sent her that same shocked imoji again like say I didn't know they do that and she said stop pretending jorrrr. Ain't you a bad boi? She said she always see all my post on facebook, how I post some nasty post, talking about D!ick and Puci and I told her that was a lie and she told me my username on facebook and she told me hers.

I quickly maneuver to facebook, I checked her username and I found out that she's my friend but we have never chat before. So she continued how my gf used to talked about me, how I forked her and do all sorts of things to her puci. I sent her the Wink imoji this time.

She said she didn't count as anything until one day when my gf was telling the rest of her friends in the room how I forked her silly that day. She said she was sleeping and was woken up by their noise how they were calling me a bad boi and all that.  She pretended to still be asleep while still listening to the sex gist my gf was telling her other friends. At a point she said she started having this weird feeling, her N!pples were getting hard and her Puci were swelling up and she became instantly wet.  She started fingering herself stylishly without the other girls noticing. She concluded that it was from that day that she made it her mission to taste me no matter what. And that  she's been trying to meet me since then but never saw the opportunity.

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I told her why didn’t she get my number and add me on whatsapp like she did now or message me on facebook, since she has me on her friend list and she said, she couldn't do that because of her pride but now she regrets it. After all what she said, I told her what she said can't be possible, that I love my gf. And she said she's not telling me to leave my gf, she just want a taste of my d!ck and I said please let end this chat and she said no P, that she's having a low battery, that we gon' chat tomorrow and I agreed and say our goodbyes.

Two minutes later, she sent me a text message that reads "chatting with you made my Puci swell up and it's your D!ck that will make it come down cos your D!ck is like a balm. I just laughed it off. But I won't deny it o, the girl is so endowed, my gf is more pretty but she was more taller, have big B00bs, big curvy Axx and tiny waist. To be sincere I would love to taste her puci too but I love my gf so much.
Thinking about her physique was making me a little Hard but I quickly waved it off my mind.

To be Continued....

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