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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How My Girlfriend Friend Seduced Me Into Forking Her (Part 2)

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I was getting bored of chatting so I decided to watch a movie. So I turned off my data and I started watching this movie "The Hobbits, Part two" on my phone, I just downloaded it that afternoon before my gf came. I was watching the movie and a message came in from an unknown number that reads "Pls come online now".
I looked at the number and I have a feeling it's my girlfriend friend so I checked her number on whatsapp and it was her, I didn't bother to switch on my data, I just continued with my movie. After about 5mins, she called me, I didn't pick the 1st time, she called again, I still did not pick, she called me the third time but still I did not pick, So she sent me another text begging me to login.  I decided to login and what she sent me baffled me. Yea you guys guessed right, Lolz. She sent me her puci pic, b00bs pics and a short video where she was teasing her clit and fingering herself softly. I just kept looking at the pictures, zooming in and out, don't blame me guys, the pictures are damn so hot.  

I was lost and also lust while watching her masturbation video, my d!ck started stiffening under my boxer all of a sudden.  It was her chats that brought me back to life. She said “Do you like what you see"? I read it and I did not reply her, and she sent “Say something pls". I managed to reply with "wow, the pictures are cool".
And she replied with “just cool”? you know what, just forget it, don’t worry, I thought you are matured, I guess I was wrong about you, and she said goodbye.


She was angry and I had to do something about it because this is fresh puci and b00bs passing me by o, So I said sorry dear, the pix are more than cool,  your puci is very clean and beautiful just like its owner. She read it but did not reply, I had to start telling her sweet words before her mind come down o. you know girls generally gets angry easily.

She finally replied me with “Thank” So I asked if she's not angry with me again and she said apology noticed but acceptance denied. And then I asked her to tell me what to do and I will do it and she said "Anything"? and I said yes. And she sent me the smile emoji.  So she asked if I want more and I didn't even let the message land before I replied with Yesssssssssss. And she said “Lolz” Bad Boi.

But if you want more, you gonna send me yours too and I couldn't utter any word, I don't want to say no because I didn't want to get her mad again and I didn't want to say yes either because I can't and again I don't know if it's a set up. So I decided to break it down for her. I told her I can't and she should tell my gf that I won’t fall for her trap. Goodbye

She called me via whatsapp call and started saying it's not a trap when I didn't reply her chat again. That if it's a trap, she won't go far to the extent of her sending me her nude. That what will be her gain if it's a trap and I get to see her nude pix.

I reasoned to it and I said that’s true but if it happens that it was a trap and I lose my gf, she gonna regret it for the rest of her life. And I ended the call. So I went back online and I messaged her and she replied with it's okay if I'm not comfortable sending my d!ck pix and I said she gets that right, I'm not comfortable and I told her I guess she won't be sending hers too and before I could finish that statement,  pictures were coming in. She sent about five more nude and I just switched my network from EDGE to 3G so the pictures will download quickly. Don't blame me guys, Y'all will do the same. So I downloaded all the pictures and switched back to EDGE cause 3G consumes battery alot. And all I could say to her was “Sweetheart, your mama born you well” you are wonderfully endowed. By this time my d!ck don almost tear my trouser.

So she started saying she knows I love what I see too and I said yes and she asked if I want it and I said yes but I can’t. And she said don’t worry, Bukola won’t find out. And  I told her no be matter of finding out, I just can't Fork another Puci aside from my gf puci. And she gave me the bombshell by saying but Bukola is forking another D!ck. And I said whatttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her to stop the lie and she said okay, if that’s what you think. I couldn't believe it and at the same time, I couldn't scrap it off my chest.
So I asked her to tell me and she told me about the guy. Even sent me his pix, fortunately I've seen the pix before, where my gf and him was in shoprite and an  eatery but when I asked my gf who the guy is, she said he was just a friend and I believed her, I guess she lied.


This got me angry and I decided to Fork another Puci too. I know what you guys will be thinking, that it's because of what her friend told me but it's not. I know my gf is Forking another D!ck out there but I just didn't want to admit it, I was blinded by my love for her. So you guys shouldn't judge me o. So I told her lets make plan and fork our brains out and she replied with no p, and she said how about tomorrow and I was like why so soon and she said I wish you know how I'm feeling right now, that she really wants me inside her, that if it's not late, she would've come right away and I couldn't say anything.

I was just thinking about how my girl could cheat on me, I was in my thoughts when her chat brought me back to life, she asked "can we sex chat?" And I said I don’t know how to sex chat and she said it's the Same thing with sex, only that I will be saying those words instead of doing it and I said I still don't know how to and she settled it when she said she gonna teach me. She told me to do some things that I cannot tell you guys here and I did it. Before I know it, I was so horny and I wished she was with me, I didn't know how she did it but she's very good. Before few minutes, my boxers were wet with my pre-cum. So I told her to stop before I will cum in my boxer. She asked  if I enjoyed it and I said "Are you kidding me?". It was amazing.

She told me it's now my turn to Fork her, Naso I start o. I managed to say all what she said to me when she was forking me through sex chat till she cums too. So she told me she has a surprise for me. Says she wants to sleep now and also that her battery is low, she said NEPA brought the light the other time, that was why we get to sex chat with me and now they have taken it again.

And then I asked her what's the surprise,  she sent me another hot video of herself again where she was finger forking herself with three of her finger, she captioned the video with good night.

I just unzipped my trouser, brought out my already hard cock, I used the pre-cum to lubricate my d!ck shaft and I started wanking my hard d!ck while watching her masturbation video. After wanking for three minutes, my cum gushed out of my hard pipe. I snapped my cum on my hand and I sent it to her. I know she is offline, I wanted her to logging the following day seeing what she made me do.

To be continued….

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