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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How My Girlfriend Friend Seduced Me Into Forking Her (Part 3)

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I woke up the next day to her call. She says she was at my gate and I was like what the hell? I didn't say it out o. I checked my time, it was 9:25 am. And her voice brought me back saying hello on the other side of the call and I said are you serious and she said yes. I got up and went outside, I swear she wasn't joking. She was at our gate.

I opened the door for her and we went in together, as we get to my room, she just jumped on me and I almost fall. We both staggered. And I told her to sit and she said nooo and she started rubbing my body and taking her hand down to my boxer and I held her and told her why the rush, am all yours, so chill, no need to rush I assured her. She told me she has being waiting for too long for this, and she can't wait for another 1 minute. I had to beg her to let me brush my teeth and do my morning routine.

 So I drank one glass cup of water, did 10 press ups, instead of 15-20 that I normally do. I fell down when going for the 11th times. I brushed my teeth and on dropping my tooth brush inside the catty holder. She just came and hugged me from the back and I told her I don't have strength, I have to eat and she said she brought me food but we should do one round 1st or at least engage in anything 1st, so her body will relieve her a little, I wanted to say something and she put a finger on my lips to shut me and said "Shiiiiii stop talking".

 We started kissing and at the same time I was fondling her Breast, she couldn't take it anymore, she just grabbed my D!ck through my boxer and she started rubbing it, this made me very Horny. And I increased the way I was kissing her, I was being a gentleman before, but now, I was biting her Nip#ples from her top and she moaned so loud and before I know it, she bent down, took off my boxer and started doing justice to my D!ck. She started sucking me like a hungry lioness and I told her to stop, that I want to return the favor.

 I pushed her to the bed, I started taking off her Jean while she was taking off her top and bra. I swear she didn't wear any panties. Well, it will make it quicker, I didn't waste any time, I opened her legs wide open and I plastered my tongue straight into her honey pot. I started sucking her, she was enjoying it so much that any time I want to raise my head up, she will hold my head and push it down to her puci and will tell me don't stop.

 I sucked her for almost 15mins and she exploded lots of Puci juice into my mouth and I licked her dry. So she said she wants me to keep licking her and at the same time she wants to suck my D!ck and I was wondering how's that possible, so she told me we should do "69" and I was like what's "69"?. She laid on the bed flat with her Puci widely spread and looking at me she said "Guy, won't you lick me"?
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 And she told me to lay on her but my face will be down, so I will be licking her Puci and at the same time she will be sucking my D!ck. I didn't argue, I just obeyed like an assistant that his boss told him to do something and if he didn't, he's gonna get fired. We sucked each other for lots of minutes that I could not count because it took lots of time before we stopped cause any time I want to stop, she will grab my 7" D!ck and she will keep sucking. All the same I loved the warm sensation of her mouth, infact I loved every second of it.

Finally, I got up and no seer needs to tell me how my future is going to look like, I already know it's forking time. I spread her legs so I can insert my 7" ROD and she said no, I want it in Doggy style and I said, that's my favorite logo.

I turned her over and she raised her axx up and from behind I inserted my big black 7" D!ck and she gave me that hmmmmmmm tone, y'all know the tone na. Naso I start to dey fork her sweet wet toto o, at 1st I was ramming her like a trailer climbing up with plenty of loads and after about two minutes, she said faster and I increased the speed. I was giving it to her like my life depended on it. And she was giving me lots of rington, wizkid, Lil kesh, victoh, tekno, and lots more, this gives me lots of strength and I keep the pace like Lugbe to Abuja airport express.

Now she told me she want to be in charge, so she used her hand to remove my d!ck from her puci from behind, she pushed me on the bed and she sucked me for a minute and then she climbed my pole like NEPA and the she started banging me. She was bouncing up and down on my hard rod.

To be Continued………

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