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I Am Human Just Like Everyone, Negative Comments Absolutely Affects Me - Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian who spoke at the Forbes Women Summit yesterday,opened up on not letting her  mistakes define her .Speaking to AP she said she is aware of her detractors, but said she has a bigger message of positivity to share.

“I obviously have made my fair share of mistakes like everyone else, but I hope to never repeat those mistakes, and just learn from what I’ve done,”“So if people, or young girls, or kids can look up to just someone that works really hard, and focuses on really what I want, and makes that happen, then you know I hope that inspires them.”
   Kardashian  who came in at number 47 with $45.5 million on the 2017 world’s highest-paid celebrities list.

With a combined 180 million followers on social media,she admits negative comments bother her.

“Absolutely it affects me... there could be one or two negative comments that really do affect you, and get to you,” she said. “You know I’m human just like everyone else. Like things do hurt my feelings, but I think that I do have a really thick skin.”
“They have this keyboard courage that no one will see them and they will just write whatever and hurt your feelings,” I know I can handle it, but I just fear for — I do see why young kids and people and teenagers, even get ... so hurt and bothered. That is what really bothers me.”
In some instances, Kardashian West has turned the online hatred into fuel for her posts. She responded to backlash of her appearing on the cover of Forbes magazine last year with a self-deprecating tweet.

“We’ve built this brand, and I’m so proud of it,” she said. “For everyone saying I have no talent, you know, I think I wrote, ‘Not bad for a girl with no talent.’”
She joked with Forbes Media CEO Steve Forbes during his onstage interview that she tried to enlist West to help take photos of their recent trip to Japan to share online.

“It was such a mess,” she said. “He was just not the best photographer.”

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