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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - Computer Lesson with my Facebook Friend Turns to Hot Fork (Part I)

I met this girl on facebook and we started getting close. I asked her out but she turned me down but said we can be friends. I tried everything possible to get her but all to no avail. So I gave up. After a while, I invited her to my place and she said she'll come when she's free. After weeks, she never showed up, she was always giving excuses upon excuses on how busy she is. So I gave up finally.

Months passed and I forgot all about her. One day she called me, telling me how I didn't ask of her and how I was giving her all kinds of excuses. I was surprised, because she is the one that has been posting me. I asked her where she was and she told me she's at a computer training center. I told her that's my profession. And she said really? I told her I can teach her if she's free and she asked what if there's no light and I told her I have laptop and any day she was gonna come, I will make sure I will charge it full. So she agreed.

Two days latter, she called me again to give her direction to my place which I did. Within an hour, she was at my place. After entertaining her with some light refreshment, the computer lesson started, I thought her all the tips they never teach at her training center  and she was very happy. She played games too and the Laptop battery died,  After that we started discussing, talking about life and all.

While we were gisting, Nepa brought the light, To entertain her, I turned on the power switch on the wall and My Led T.v and DVD switched on, I forgot I was watching a hot p0rn in the middle of the night when they took the light and you know those kind of DVD that have last memory. It just exactly where the guy was eating the girl's Puci that it started playing from.

I quickly jumped up to remove it and I pressed open on the remote and she asked me why, and I told her its not polite watching it and she asked if the disc inserted itself and I said no but we can't be watching p0rn together, and she asked why and I told her I will be feeling horny and I may misbehave. She said I should control myself, what if I'm not there and I told her that I will know that she's not. So I put it back and we started watching.

While we were watching the p0rn, I noticed that she was feeling somehow, I asked her if she's alright and she said yes, am just enjoying the movie she said. After few minutes, she stylishly rubbed her Puci through her gown thinking I will not notice it but I saw it. She was doing that with one hand and using the other hand to squeeze her B00bs stylishly.

After about three minutes, she couldn't take it anymore, she just raised up her mini gown, put her hand inside her puci and she started finger-forking herself, I was dumbfounded with my mouth wide open. She then brings out her already wet finger from her wet puci, looked  at me and then she licked it, by this time my d!ck came at attention at once.

She signaled to me to move closer and without wasting time, I dropped the remotes on the bed and I just grabbed her hand and I licked her wet fingers looking at her lustfully. I gently push her backward and she laid on the bed. I went inbetween her legs, and I opened her legs with my two hands just like when someone is opening a two sided door.

To be continued.....

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