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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - Computer Lesson with my Facebook Friend Turns to Hot Fork (Part 2)

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I took off her pant and she was wearing a G-string. The pant was so sexy, trust me if you see just the pant, you will get hard immediately. I was about to dive in immediately when she said, let’s do 69 first, I want to suck your d!ck. I took off my top, Jean and boxer and she did the same and we were both unclad.

She has the biggest B00bs I've ever seen. The Ni#pples were hard and long, I held one of her B00s and I started sucking it, I was sucking one and fondling the other one with my hand. I did that for few minutes and she said she wants my tongue inside her and I obliged. She laid down, and I laid ontop of her facing her Puci.

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Before I could settled down, my D!ck was already in her mouth and the pleasure  just pump through my vain like an electric shock. While she was sucking my hard 8 inch cock, I was licking her clit and at the same time fingering her puci. We started sucking and licking each other. While she was sucking and licking my d!ck like a lollypop, I was eating deep into her wet puci. 

I later got up, I sat on the chair in my room, I didn't even tell her what to do, she just climbed me and she used her hand to lead my Long ROD inside her wet Puci. She slowly sat on my d!ck inch by inch until all my d!ck was inside of her. I felt my d!ck touching her womb. She started riding me slowly and later she picked her pace.

This girl is good, she was riding me like her life depended on it. After a while she was breathing tiredly and I don’t need to be told that she was tired. So we both got up and I pushed her to the wall and she opened her legs wide. From behind I inserted my ROD into her cunt in standing ovation style. Immediately my d!ck entered her, I started pounding her fiercely from behind. I was giving it to her harder and faster as if I was running for the marathon. I forked her for about 15mins and she came on my dick and I just pushed her to the bed and started licking the juice she just produced.

I licked her puci dry so I can really enjoy forking her. She laid on the bed and I led my D!ck into her mouth to suck me cause it was getting down, within three minute of intense sucking, my D!ck was back to it old self. It became rocket hard again.  I put my D!ck in her hole and I began pounding her again. I banged her faster and harder as she was saying all kind of shits like. Yesssssss, Fork me, give it to me like a slut that I am.

After a while when am yet to cum, she told me to stop that she wants to urinate, I thought she want to use style to escape so I did not mind her, I just kept exploring her puci like an explorer until she started pouring on my bed, anytime I bring my d!ck out of her puci, the urine will pour out, I figured it as squirting, I was banging her while she was squirting. After a while, my bed was wet.

She said she has never being Forked like that before and she told me that she can't continue anymore that her puci is hurting her from my hard thrusting, so she said she will give me a hot blow job till I cum. She quickly went on her kneels while I was still standing with my hard rod facing her, she held my rod and started stroking and sucking it.

She was sucking me hard and at the same time teasing my balls. She told me to cum in her mouth, and I managed to say “arrrreee yyoooouuu sseerrioouss? She said yes baby. After about 10 minutes of intense sucking, I wanted to explode, I immediately wanted to take my d!ck out from her mouth but she held my d!ck tight in her mouth and I felt my cum gushing down her throat. She licked every drop of my cum like a slot hungry for a cum.

We later got up, cleaned up and I got her something to eat before she left for home.

The End

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