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How Comedian Was Burnt to Death After Being Mistaken For Badoo Cultis in Ikorodu

26 year old Paul ,a National Diploma holder in Accountancy from the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu,a promising stand-up comedian, events anchor was killed in company of  two others , Shola, a rewire, and Sunday, a mechanic after they were mistaken to be members of dreaded killer-cult group, Badoo.

The heartbreaking incidence occurred as they made for the spot where his newly-acquired second-hand car had broken down the previous day. Elizabeth, younger sibling of the late comedian, told punch

“Paul had been in the house throughout that Saturday until about 10:00pm when he left for Ikorodu Garage to wait for the mechanic and rewire who were coming all the way from FESTAC,” “Shola, the rewire, used to be our neighbour here at Ikorodu before he moved to FESTAC after he got married in 2010,” “He is a specialist in Honda cars and that was why my brother begged him to come and help fix his vehicle. If not for the traffic they encountered along the way, they would have arrived Ikorodu earlier to tow the car with the SUV Shola brought from FESTAC.
“But before they could get to where Paul’s car was parked, they were stopped by some guys on the road. One of the guys who stopped them told the others that he knew my brother and that they should be allowed to go. The others refused and proceeded to searching the vehicle. They saw the chain Shola wanted to use to tow the vehicle and brake oil in the boot of the SUV. 
Immediately the guys saw these, they started shouting Badoo. Even though the other one said he knew my brother well in the area, which another person among them also confirmed, they went ahead to kill the three of them by burning them alive. By the time we got there by 3:00am after receiving a call from somebody who witnessed the scene, it was too late. They had been burnt already,” she said as her emotions threatened to overwhelm her.
Heartbroken at the sight of the charred remains of their beloved Paul, Elizabeth and the rest of the family still find it hard to believe that the person, who had played the role of father to them these past 14 years was indeed no more. While the loss is a pill too bitter for them to swallow, the misery could have been worse had it not been God’s mercies, our correspondent learnt.

“We all could have been dead by now if not for divine intervention,” Elizabeth told Saturday PUNCH with a firm voice. “I, my mother, younger sister and Paul’s girlfriend could all have been killed by the same guys after they identified us to be his relatives. Immediately they saw a small plastic containing gear oil in the boot of the car that conveyed us to the spot where the three of them were burnt, the guys started shouting Badoo family. They shoved and pushed us about for several minutes and were going to descend heavily on us when one man ordered them to leave us, that if we were indeed Badoo members, we couldn’t have had the guts to come to that place. That was how we escaped being lynched that morning.
“Paul was an easy-going person who would never hurt anyone. He was the only one we looked up to for our needs since our father died 14 years ago. He didn’t deserve to die in such a pathetic manner,” she added.

Still unable to come to terms with the sad reality, Paul’s fiancée, Esther, has been locked in grief since the tragic events of that fateful day. The lovebirds, who ignited the fire of their relationship on July 1, 2014, were looking forward to capping off that Saturday in style being the 3rd anniversary of their time together.

“Life has been empty without Paul,” the 24-year-old lady told our correspondent in a quaking voice. “Though we were yet to marry, he was a huge and special part of my life,” she continued. “That Saturday was the 3rd anniversary of our love story but to now lose him on that same day aggravates the pain I feel inside. Apart from buying a cake, he showered me with gifts as well and we were both looking forward to celebrating with the rest of the family that night before he stepped out and never returned.
“Since that incident, once it is around 1:00am, the exact time I woke up to call his number on the day he was killed, I am no longer able to sleep again. I suddenly wake up and start thinking about him. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to overcome this pain,” she said.

Pastor Femi Adebayo of the Harvest Place, Maryland, Lagos, where the late Paul worships, told our correspondent that a memorial service to honour  the victim and also seek for justice, would be organised at the cathedral on Saturday

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