"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How Burantashi Made Me Almost Kill My Girlfriend With Rigorous Sex (PART I) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How Burantashi Made Me Almost Kill My Girlfriend With Rigorous Sex (PART I)

My friends and I always talks about how Hausa Men are blessed with big d!cks. We also talk about sexual performance boosters whenever we are bored. Some of my friends do narrate their experience after using aphrodisiac to sleep with their girl. They most time brag that the girl always run.

Anytime they talk about it, I always fancy it and dream of trying it someday. So I did my own little research and I was able to get one from a chemist. It’s called Samsu oil. It was inside a very small tiny bottle. It’s in form of oil. I bought 2 from the chemist and I headed home. When I got home, I waited till 4pm so I finally decide to give it a try. I quickly put a call through to my girlfriend Fiona to come over since it’s weekend. 

I was instructed to rub the oil on my d!ck when it’s hard, I hid the small bottle somewhere in my bathroom because no sane girl will allow his guy to use sex enhancement pills before forking her. After about 45mins of calling Fiona, she came to my place, I entertained her as usual and she sat on my bed. You know bachelors room. 

I started smooching and romancing her to get my cock hard. I was caressing her and squeezing her b00bs while she was still dressed. She unzipped my trouser, brought out my d!ck and she started stroking it. Within few minutes of she stroking my d!ck and playing with my balls, my d!ck gained it’s full erection. Immediately I told her I want to pee, so I got up, entered the bathroom and I locked it from inside. I applied the oil on my already hard cock and within seconds, my d!ck started getting stiffer, my erection was out of the world. Since I started forking, I have never attained such an erection before, my rod became bigger than usual. Infact I became uncontrollably hard.  

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I just hanged my d!ck upward and I used my belt to belt it with the shaft pointing upward,  when I returned, I unhooked my belt and my rod danged out and Fiona was like “Ade, is there a d!ck pumping machine in there” as she pointed to my bathroom, and I was like “go joor” 

She grabbed my rod with her two hands and she started wanking it, my d!ck was getting harder, longer, fatter and veiny, While I was standing,  Fiona went down on her knees and placed my cock on her lips, she started licking the hole, latter, she started licking the cap. Wow, this feeling sent a sweet electric wave sensation through my spine. 

To be continued….

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