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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How Burantashi Made Me Almost Kill My Girlfriend With Rigorous Sex (PART II)

She opened her mouth and I led my rocket hard D!ck into her wet mouth, The feeling was exceptional. She could not take even a quarter of my rod into her mouth because my d!ck was exceptionally hard and large that day. She tried every now and then to at least get half of my d!ck into her mouth but my rod just won’t fit in. 

This time I was beginning to feel pains on my dick too because of the over hardness, I was feeling as if my d!ck will explode. She just kept sucking and licking my candy stick like her life depended on it. While she was blowing me, I was feeling sweetness mixed with pains, if it was to be before, I would have cummed in her mouth, but maybe because of the oil I used, I was far from cumming. She kept blowing me as her Saliva were all over my cock with her hand guiding my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked me for almost 25mins.  We moved to the bed and the blowjob continued, by this time she was sucking and squeezing my long cucumber. 

I managed to take off her top and her b00bs flung out, Fiona does not like wearing bra because she has round firm breast. While she was milking me, I was squeezing her b00bs softly. I noticed she was getting tired. So I switched position by laying her back on bed, my cock was still very much hard. I raised her legs up and I took off her panty.

I used my two fingers to open her already wet puci wide and I started dipped my tongue deep into her puci hole and she gave me a soft moan. I started tongue forking her immediately while she continued moaning and gasping for breath. While I was licking and milking her puci, I felt hot fluid running down my d!ck, I thought it was cum, I looked at my bed and I saw that it was merely my pre-cum. My pre-cum were much, she saw it and said “Have you cummed”? and I told her, “Nah, that’s my pre-cum” and she said why is your pre-cum much today? Hope you did not take buratashi she asked. 

Buratashi is the name Hausa people call sex enhancement drug, I quickly lied to her, that maybe it was as a result of the antibiotic I took this morning, she said okay. After milking her for 15mins, I held her two legs, raised them up and I pushed them forward, I made sure her legs were touching her b00bs. My girlfriend has a very small tight puci and I know today am gonna rip her puci apart, in other not to let her feel too much pains, I have to prepare her puci for my d!ck, else I fit go kill person pikin with fork o.
Immediately I started fingering her to loosen her puci walls, I started with one finger, latter I inserted two fingers, I wanted to insert three fingers and she told me “don’t try it, you want tear my toto”? she asked. I just giggled, I kept fingering her with my two fingers until she cums on my hands, when I removed my fingers from inside her puci, it was covered with her white creamy cum.

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I used her cum on my fingers to lubricate my d!ck, I opened her legs wide apart and then I gradually started leading my d!ck into her already milky puci in missionary style, I know if I penetrate her with her legs bent forward, I might shift her womb with my d!ck. lol. 

To be continued..... 

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