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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How Burantashi Made Me Almost Kill My Girlfriend With Rigorous Sex (PART III)

Gradually I started pushing in my rocket hard d!ck into her puci inch by inch, during the thrust of every inch, she held onto my bed tight and bites her lips, it’s obvious my rod is stretching her puci walls wider than before. When my d!ck was half way inside her, she told me “Bobo don’t go too deep am feeling pains already”

I started forking her slowly as she started moaning softly, she let out a load moan when I pushed in my entire d!ck into her tight puci. She got up immediately and said “Am going home, if your mission is to destroy my puci, then no more sex, am going, she took her panty from the bed and wanted to wear it and I immediately collected her panty and assured her that I will be gentle and that I won’t go deep again. 

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How Burantashi Made Me Almost Kill My Girlfriend With Rigorous Sex (PART I)

I had to beg her if not my own don finish be dat o. my d!ck has refused to go down and this girl wants to go? No way o. after pleading with her for some minutes, she agreed and she laid down with her legs crossed. I climbed ontop of her and  I used my legs to open her legs wide, within minutes I was inside her puci again. I started forking her slowly, while I was forking her, she did not make any sound. She started moaning when I increased the speed, she kept telling me “don’t go too deep” but you know we guys, we like going in deep, because we want to feel the inner most part of the puci. During every thrust I was going in deep and deeper. 

Every now and then, my d!ck will slide out of her puci, I will balance myself  and I will use one of my hand to lead my dick into her puci again. While I was pounding  her puci, she kept pushing me back like am hurting her. I wasn't gonna stop now, she balanced herself and we forked for almost 45mins. I had not cummed. All of a sudden, she started telling to pull out that her puci is on fire, I begged her to manage, but she said no, she tried pushing me off her, but I pinned her hard on the bed, I know if she gets up, she will never allow me into her again. I kept forking her and she started begging me, please bobo pull out, you are hurting me badly. My puci is on fire, am feeling as if you have bruised me. Please pull out. I could feel her pussy was now very hot on the inside, I could feel fluids coming out of her puci, she tried every now and then to push me off her but I refused, I just kept forking her. At a point, she did not make any attempt to push me off her again, she just laid there like a log of wood, looking at me while I kept drilling her puci hard.

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - How Burantashi Made Me Almost Kill My Girlfriend With Rigorous Sex (PART II)

I forked her for almost 1hr 30min before I finally cum, when I pulled out of her, damn, my d!ck was covered with blood, my bed sheet too was stained with blood. Her puci too was swollen. She did not say a word to me, I could not summon courage to tell her “am sorry too” I just kept staring at the floor in shame. She managed to get up from the bed, looked at me for some minutes, I avoided eye contacts with me. She walked into my bathroom to clean up. 

She spent almost 30 mins in there, every now and then I will knock on the bathroom door and I will be like “Are you okay in there”? she latter came out, wore her panty and dress and she left my place without telling me anything.  

When I entered the bathroom to clean up, I saw the samsu oil bottle ontop of  my toilet bowl. Oh no, that was not where I hid it , she has seen it, she now knows I used drug on her. I immediately tried to call her but her number kept ringing not reachable.  I tried messaging her on Facebook and I discovered she has Blocked me on facebook, oh no am doomed, I tried chatting her up on whatsapp too and I found out she has blocked me too on whatsapp.

To cut the story short, I lost my girlfriend Fiona because of my curiosity for sex enhancement drug.

The End.

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