"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - First Time Anal Se*x With a Girl in a Lagos Club Toilet (Part I) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - First Time Anal Se*x With a Girl in a Lagos Club Toilet (Part I)

Am Ayomide, but my friends call me the “Smooth Operator”. When it comes to women affairs, I leave no stone un-turn and I always take my chances whenever the chances arise. As a young guy of 27 and in his prime, I do what other guys my age does. When it comes to Alcohol and Cigarette, count me out, but when it’s comes to women affairs, am always present. I am a sex explorer kind off.  I have had sex almost everywhere you can think of. I have even had sex with one of our church worker at the church toilet while service was going on. 

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While on Campus one day, one of my friend, Chidi brought a birthday invitation card, one of our course mate wanted to celebrate her birthday so she chose to celebrate it in a club. Am not the club type, I don’t like noise at all. When Chidi showed me the I.V and asked if I will go, I immediately told him no. he sha sat on my neck to come with him to the birthday since he is a close pal to the celebrant. Chidi does not like attending occasions alone, he likes going to occasions with friends.

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After lots of pleads, I finally agreed to follow him to the birthday party. Fast forward to the following week Saturday, we pimped up and we drove to the venue. When we got to the club, I just told Chidi to catch his fun while I scout for a prey. He left me on sight of the celebrant, Chidi seem very close to the celebrant. While loud Music was oozing out from the heavy speakers stationed in different corners of the club, I just went over to the bar, bought a can of Origin and I went and sat in secluded place alone. I sat there, sipping my Origin and moving my head to the sound of the music, I would've jumped up to dance but I didn't know how to dance so I was just sipping my drink and doing the best I can do which is moving my head to the beat.

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Suddenly, I saw this fine axx chick looking at me from afar, I moved my attention somewhere else and after some seconds, I decided to look if the girl is still there, to my surprise, I caught the girl still looking at me, and she smiled and waved at me. I looked back to confirm if am the one she was smiling and waving at, there was no one at my back. I looked at her again and she smiled and waved at me again. I smiled and waved back at her, and then she touched her chest with one of her fingers and the she pointed it at me, signifying if she can come and join me. Since I am a sharp Omo Yoruba wey no dey slack, I understood her sign language so I nodded my head in agreement.

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She got up from where she was and she cat walked towards me, I offered her a sit beside me and then she sat. Immediately she sat she said “Hi” and I replied with “Hi baby girl” am Sarah, as she offered me her hand for a handshake, Am Ayomide as I shake her hand. She gave me that surprise look on her face and I asked about her sudden facial expression when I told her my name and she just smiled and said “It’s nothing just that you bear the same name with my Ex. My Ex guy name is Ayomide too. That’s just it she concluded.
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And then I told her, hope your Ex boyfriend didn't hurt you and she replied with “Let’s not talk about my Ex, lets talk about us, by the way can you buy me a drink? She concluded. Sure why not, I asked what kind of drink she will take and she said that she has taken enough alcohol already. So she requested for Smirnoff  ice. I told her to give me some minute and I left for the bar, in no time, I was back. I handed her the drink and she said thanks. 

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We were both sipping our drinks, shaking our heads to the music and discussing about ourselves. The track that was playing was a little bit slow and the D.J changed the song to a party mix all of a sudden and she couldn't take it anymore, she asked me if I know how to dance and I said no. She said she wants to dance and she didn't want to dance alone, I told her but I can't dance and she said she will be leading me through it, so we quickly gulped down our remaining drinks and we both got up to the dance floor. 

To be Continued....

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