"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - First Time Anal Se*x With a Girl in a Lagos Club Toilet (Part 2) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - First Time Anal Se*x With a Girl in a Lagos Club Toilet (Part 2)

We got to the dance floor and we started the grooving. I was just moving my body like all this Ibadan guys and Sarah was dancing just fine. At a point I was ashamed of myself because I couldn't dance, Sarah was just dancing to the music as if the dance was made for the song. The track changed to “If you wine for me” and there was this heavy cheers in the club. Sarah came closer to me and she started whining her waist and twisting her body like a snake, she got very close to me and her axx was touching my D!ck.

As a sharp guy that does not like dulling himself, I placed my two hands on her waist and I started rocking her axx, she kept rolling her axx all over my sleeping d!ck. After rocking me hard for some minutes to the rhythm of the song, my ROD woke up from it’s slumber and she felt it immediately, she felt the hardness on her axx.  She looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back at her and I told her don't blame me and she continued what she was doing. While she was at it, my D!ck was gaining more and more strength and Sarah felt this and she couldn't take it anymore, she just faced me and then she grabbed my huge bulge and started caressing it. Thank god everywhere was dark so people could not really see what she was doing to me. She was caressing and massaging my huge bulge through my boxers. I wanted more so I led her hand into my Jordan three quarter and she finally found my hard hot cucumber, she started wanking me as if she wants to rip off my d!ck from my body. Damn I was hard like a horse.  While she was still teasing my cock, Chidi came to me and whispered to me “Get a room bro”

That was a wake up call, I didn't think twice, I just grabbed Sarah hand and dragged her to the bathroom, on getting to the bathroom, I didn't know where that strength came from, she just pushed me to the wall and she started kissing me so passionately and at the same time, doing justice to the little me inside my trouser.

I was just numb doing nothing, I was back to life when I felt warmness on my D!ck, I couldn't believe my eyes, she was sucking me already. While she was sucking my d!ck, she was rubbing my balls at the same time. I was just moaning and whining my waist to the stroking of my D!ck. At a point, I held her head with my two hands and I started forking her mouth.

After a while, she got up, raised her top up and then she unhooked her bra. Immediately her b00bs popped out.  Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like magic. I didn't know her Boobs was this big. It was as if the bra hid her Breast; and me I'm a fan of big Breast, I just grabbed it like a hungry baby and I started sucking on them immediately. I was sucking one and squeezing the other one. Every now and then  I will switch the sucking. I will suck the left b00bs for a while and then switch to the right b00bs. While I was busy working on her b00bs, she was moaning loudly and at the same wanking my thick rod.

I didn't know she was finger forking herself with the other hand.  It was when she started breathing faster and I felt some hot fluids on my laps that I noticed it was her puci juice, infact she just cummed.

She latter turned facing the wall, she held my rod and then she tried inserting my rod into her soaked puci. I held her hand and then I carried her to sit on the toilet bowl, opened her legs wide and she was just staring at me looking at the miracle I wanted to perform. I immediately started teasing her huge clit. After teasing her clit with my finger for some time, I went a bit downward, located her puci hole and I inserted my index finger in her puci and I started finger forking her. She was feeling it as she started moaning loudly and gasping for air.

While she was moaning, I was hearing another moaning sound from the next toilet, it’s obvious another guy is pounding his girl puci over there too, she told me to add more fingers and I immediately inserted two fingers, latter I inserted three, this time I was stretching her puci wall and she kept moaning like a virgin experiencing hot fork for the first time. She latter said “Ayo” Stop tormenting me, "I want your cock inside me right now". Please fork me like a bitch, chuk your prick inside my toto, chuk prick enter abeg. Fork me please.

To be Continued…..

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