"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - First Time Anal Se*x With a Girl in a Lagos Club Toilet (Part 3) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - First Time Anal Se*x With a Girl in a Lagos Club Toilet (Part 3)

So I obliged, she got up from the toilet bowl and then she pushed me to sit on the toilet bowl, immediately I sat, she just held my d!ck and then she led it into her puci. Wow, I was in heaven. She sat fully on my d!ck as I felt my d!ck touching her womb. After balancing herself, she started riding my d!ck, she was bouncing up and down on my d!ck. while she was doing this, she was moaning and squeezing her b00bs with her hands. 

She felt my d!ck was not super hard like before so she got up, opened my legs wide, she started licking from my belly button down to the v-side of my d!ck, wow. Latter she started sucking my huge balls, by this time my rod is back to ATTENTION!. She licked from my balls upward till she got to my d!ck cap, she started rolling her tongue over and over my d!ck cap. At a point I could not take it anymore, I just held her head and I pushed it downward and my dick sink deep into her throat as she gives a soft cough. Sorry baby I assured her. 

She got up and she sat on my hard rod again and she started bouncing up and down on it. Latter I told her to get up a bit and I started doing the forking myself. I was forking her from under slowly and she said "Please Faster" on hearing this, my head swell up and  I increased my speed like a car that want to overtake another car on an express lane. I increased the speed with full force. While I was banging her, my balls were hitting her snailly clit.  I was hitting every corner of her cunt like when doing the dishes.

After a while, I carried her up to face the wall, told her to push her axx backward a bit, and I held my d!ck and I led it into her milky puci from behind. Immediately my d!ck was inside her, I started banging her again like a moving train. I did this for about 7mins and she released this hot cum on my D!ck again.

I pulled out of her puci, told her to bend down a little, and then I asked her if she does anal and she said she has not done it before but she is willing to try it. Wow, I love anal so I fingered her puci, scoped some of her puci juice and I used it to rub my d!ck and her axx hole. I wanted to lubricate my d!ck well before tearing her axx hole apart with my huge pole.   

I tried inserting my hard rod into her axx hole but it could not enter, so she used her two hands to open her axx chick wide apart and she told me, try again and  I did as instructed and on one trial my D!ck got in easily and the journey began once again.

I started forking her axx hole slowly and Chris Brown song -Lay Down- came on play. The part where he said “baby let's pretend we only get one last night”  And that was how I was forking her like we only get one last night before the end of the world. I latter increased the speed because by this time her axx hole was now open and not too tight like before. I was exploring her axx while my balls kept tapping at her puci underneath.

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Every now and then I will pull out of her axx hole, fork her milky puci for some minutes and then go back to her axx again. I was forking her axx and puci simultaneously.

I kept my speed at 220 speedometer per hour and within few minutes, I felt my d!ck getting stiff in her axx and I told her that I'm about to cum and she said you better don't cum yet and I said baby I can't help it, before I could finish that sentence, I was ejaculating and I quickly removed my D!ck from her axx so I wouldn't cum inside her and she quickly held my D!ck and put my D!ck in her mouth. 

Like a tap that's running and you quickly put a bucket so it wouldn't waste, all my cum splashed deep down her throat.  She latter licked me dry and she got up and said, that was the best quickie that I've ever had and I told her same with me baby. After resting for a while, we cleaned up, wore our clothes and we exchanged phone numbers and we left separately.

The End

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